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Woman defends picking $8,000 sofa from New York street after backlash

Woman defends picking $8,000 sofa from New York street after backlash

A woman caused quite a stir after she picked an expensive sofa off a New York street and restored it

A woman who found an $8,000 couch in the middle of the street in New York City has defended her decision after facing backlash online.

Most of us who would see a filthy piece of discarded furniture abandoned on a city street would probably leave it where it was and move on, but TikToker Amanda Joy had other plans.

In a video which has gone hugely viral to the tune of over 52 million views, Amanda showed her discovery of the couch on a New York street and her decision to check the price.

Looking it up, she found that if she had $8,000 in her pocket she could buy a new sofa and walk away with just $15 left over, and that was with it on a discount down from $9,510.

Not content to just leave the abandoned, dirty, rain-sodden couch where it had been dumped, the TikToker called her dad to pick it up for her and her family put a lot of time into giving the couch a deep clean.

Amanda Joy found a dirty couch discarded in the street and decided to take it home.

Several days and quite a considerable amount of extracted dirt later, Amanda had an $8,000 couch in her apartment and a viral video on TikTok.

However, not all of the reaction has been positive, as plenty have reckoned that taking a couch that has been abandoned on the street is probably not the most hygienic thing to do, no matter how much you clean it.

Lots of commenters asked her whether her apartment was now infested with bedbugs as they speculated as to why the couch's previous owner would throw out such an expensive piece.

Others took to making memes, some pretending it was so disgustingly filthy they'd had no choice but to throw it away and others joking that they'd just set their super expensive couch down for a second and wondered where it had gone.

Some even said the sofa was a knock-off, a discount imitator that was nowhere near the $8,000 Amanda thought it was worth.

The TikToker addressed some of the backlash as people wondered whether the couch was infested with bedbugs.

The TikToker has now responded to some of the complaints, adding a new video of herself plonked on her new couch and explaining that it had been kept in her dad's workshop for two weeks before going to her apartment.

"You know everyone's saying 'oh bedbugs form within a week, two weeks' it was sitting there for two weeks, if there was bedbugs we would have seen it.

"For everyone saying I only did one round of washing, I only recorded five minutes of the whole process that I took to clean the couch.

"I personally think it was thrown out because it has a lot of rips that I've covered with pillows and it has some stains. It has a like a few tears. That's what I think it was personally thrown out for, y'all can think whatever y'all want."

Featured Image Credit: Tiktok/ @yafavv.mandaa

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