Woman with monkeypox says she did 'nothing sexual' to contract virus

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Woman with monkeypox says she did 'nothing sexual' to contract virus

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A woman with monkeypox has revealed that she did nothing sexual before contracting the virus.

Camille Seaton, from Marietta, Georgia, first experienced symptoms of the disease early last month before the bumps on her face spread and she developed a fever.

She is now speaking out about her experience so that everyone - even those thought not to be at a high risk - is more informed about the disease.

The World Health Organisation described monkeypox as a 'health emergency of international concern' last month following an increase in cases since May.

Credit: CBS
Credit: CBS

Seaton was forced to isolate after contracting the disease and set up a GoFundMe to help cover her medical and living costs.

"With the terrible trial of monkeypox and strep throat, I had to visit the doctor multiple times causing a load of medical bills and prescriptions," Seaton wrote.

"I'm a hard worker. I work 45 plus hours a week to support my family.

"I've been out of work for almost a month due to this virus. The money will be split throughout my monthly bills, medical bills, and my daughter's schooling. I am appreciative of anything and I love y'all so much! Thank you in advance and thank you for your support."

Camille's monkeypox GoFundMe. Credit: GoFundMe
Camille's monkeypox GoFundMe. Credit: GoFundMe

While doctors reported that those most at risk are gay and bisexual men as monkeypox spreads through 'close contact with lesions, body fluids, respiratory droplets and contaminated materials', Seaton said she had no sexual contact prior to falling ill.

She told Channel 2: "I'm in the healing stages. I saw bumps break out and I kid you not, in this same array and I just thought it was a breakout."

When her symptoms worsened, she went to the emergency room and it was then that she discovered she had monkeypox.

"I waited on the results and it was positive. I had monkeypox," Seaton said.

"I just want y'all to know that I did not do anything sexual to contract this disease. This thing is spreading. It's here."

She explained that she works as a cashier and is now convinced that she got the disease at work.

Only those most at risk are currently being vaccinated. Credit: Alamy / Wachiwit
Only those most at risk are currently being vaccinated. Credit: Alamy / Wachiwit

Dr. Jayne Morgan, the executive director of the Covid-19 Task Force for Piedmont Healthcare Corporation, confirmed to Channel 2 that it is possible to contract monkeypox without having sexual contact.

"You can get it from sharing towels and sharing linens, if the person who used the towel or slept in that bed is infected with the monkeypox virus," Morgan said.

"The normal cleaning and disinfecting processes should be maintained."

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