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Neighbors incredibly worried $1.76 billion Powerball jackpot winner will be abducted and urge him to take action
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Neighbors incredibly worried $1.76 billion Powerball jackpot winner will be abducted and urge him to take action

The Powerball winner purchased the lucky ticket back in October.

Winning the lottery is an experience that the vast majority of us will never get to experience.

Heck, your chances of winning the lottery are actually very slim - well, one in 302.5 million for the Mega Millions jackpot to be precise.

However, neighbors have been left incredibly worried that California’s newest Powerball billionaire could potentially be abducted if he doesn't act now.

Theodorus 'Theo' Struyck, 65, represents the group that won the whopping $1.76 billion Powerball jackpot.

In October last year, Struyck purchased a ticket from Midway Market & Liquor store.

The winning numbers were 6, 23, 25, 34, 51 and red Powerball 3.

However, it appears that everything has been far from plain sailing since, with reports suggesting that a sign that reads 'No trespassing' on his Frazier Park residence.

Theodorus 'Theo' Struyck represents the group that won the whopping $1.76 billion.

Speaking to the US Sun, neighbor Kevin Woten said: "We're keeping an eye out but you worry about shady people up to no good.

"I'm worried someone might come by and put a sack over his head, throw him in a van, and take him off, that sort of thing."

According to the outlet, Struyck's current whereabouts are unknown, but he is believed to be visiting family in San Diego.

Woten added: "I'm hoping he'll look into security [when he returns]. You have to with that amount of money.

"He hasn't been around for four or five days, but I doubt we're going to see limousines and stuff. None of that's gonna happen."

Meanwhile, Dan Perry, owner of ANC Fireworks, also told the outlet: "If he needs any security, he’ll be fine, I have Jake here [his dog] and we’re cheap.

"If I lived here, I would not want to be named, now he has a big bull’s-eye on his back."

The winning ticket was purchased from Midway Market & Liquor.

Unlike other parts of the world, the jackpot winner could not remain anonymous.

That is because California law mandates jackpot winners be named along with their location.

While it is, of course, up to Struyck what he does with his money, Perry has suggested donating some dollar back into the town to help out.

"This town needs every bit of help it can get," he said. "It’s one of those rural towns in California that’s kind of neglected by [state capital] Sacramento, the economy has been down for years.

“It would be great if he could open a business or something like that, but if I lived here, I’d get the hell out, get a nice little place in Santa Barbara or something.”

However, Woten said that 'nobody is going to be bothering' Struyck, but if he decides to do something, then 'that's completely his business'.

He added: "He's probably not going to move, and he'll just be the guy that lives in the neighborhood that won the lotto and we'll just leave it at that you know."

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