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Man who bought $24k house on Amazon instantly regrets it after seeing it in person

Man who bought $24k house on Amazon instantly regrets it after seeing it in person

The TikTok star has several issues with his new mobile abode

We've all been victim to an impulse purchase that we've later regretted.

Whether it's splashing out on that discounted designer handbag and having no money left by the end of the month, or breaking the bank order takeout that ended up being disappointing when it arrived - it's a mistake we've all made.

And this week, one TikToker is certainly paying the price of an impulse purchase he made on Amazon last month.

Jeff purchased his property on Amazon.

The man in question, Jeff - known as @hittaa_jeff on the video-sharing app - has now gone viral around the world for buying a HOUSE - yep, you read that right, a literal HOME - on the online retailer.

Opening up about his questionable decision on social media, the 23-year-old begged his followers to 'take my f*****g card away', after dropping a staggering $24,000 on the mobile-esque house.

"Amazon is really a dangerous place because, really? Houses?" he pondered. "B***h, I didn't even think twice about it. I just did it.

"I don't even know where I'm going to put the house."

Sharing updates with his fans, Jeff has since revealed that the house had arrived, and that an Amazon worker who'd seen his original video had offered him an upgraded property, which was a different colour and had a higher square footage.

But several features of the home have seemingly left Jeff riddled with regret.

"She gave me two couches," he happily said, before adding that he'll now have to keep his house in storage, because he hasn't yet purchased any land on which to base it.

Showing off the inside of the house, he thanked her for the extra couches, but claimed they weren't really to his liking.

And to top it off, he explained that the ceilings are much lower than he'd initially expected.

Jeff shared glimpses into his new property, which included two couches thrown in.

"The ceilings - I'm 5'8, so the ceilings are not too high. They're very low," Jeff demonstrated..

And in a follow-up video, Jeff admitted he wouldn't be living in the property himself and had plans to transform it into a holiday home.

"I could touch the ceilings," he recalled. "The plan is to AirBnb it.

"That’s a smart decision. The electrical, plumbing and everything, I have all that set up. I just really want to get the permits in hand first to move and get everything situated."

Hopefully that way, he'll be able to earn his $24k back!

Featured Image Credit: @hittaa_jeff/TikTok

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