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Man left in disbelief after turning $5 into $1,569,632.91 in one night at Las Vegas casino

Man left in disbelief after turning $5 into $1,569,632.91 in one night at Las Vegas casino

A Las Vegas casino visitor who spent $5 and left with over $1.5 million has revealed what he was carrying which gave him 'tremendous luck'

A visitor at a casino in California left over $1 million richer after spending just $5 on a game.

If I think too hard about all the $5 or $10 I've spent on the lottery or the odd scratch card here and then, and how much it would total up to versus how much I've ever actually won, I would probably shed a tear or two.

Despite winning a solid $100 on a scratch card once, it certainly wouldn't make up for the amount I've shelled out just because one day I've felt 'lucky', either from being sh*t on by a bird - believe it or not, this has actually happened twice - or just because it's a Friday, I've had a drink and why not?

However, one visitor doesn't need to dream up, wish for or loiter around any birds who need the loo in order to get lucky, after walking into a casino with $5 and walking back out a millionaire.

An unidentified man from Hawaii visited California Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas on Wednesday (12 June) with his son in celebration of his 21st birthday, Boyd Gaming told Fox 5 Vegas.

And the visitor's son's birthday definitely ended up being one he won't forget anytime soon.

The visitor reportedly spent $5 on IGT's Wheel of Fortune slots game at around 4:00am in the morning.

And parting with $5 was certainly worth it for this lucky man, who ended up hitting a bonus wheel with three 7′s across the payline, subsequently winning a big ol' jackpot on the game and walking away with a whopping $1,569,632.91 cheque.

The visitor was reportedly in 'disbelief' over the win and it's not taken long for news of his luck to go viral.

News of the jackpot win was shared to Reddit thread r/Oahu by user/808SOS and people have been quick to flock to the post to congratulate the winner.

The lucky winner has chosen to remain anonymous (California Hotel and Casino)
The lucky winner has chosen to remain anonymous (California Hotel and Casino)

U/zoot_boy wrote: "Yay! They can put a down payment on a house now!"

"That’s enough to own a studio in Kalihi," u/Deranged_Coconut808 added.

U/blueblazer2723 said: "I’m surprised the machine didn’t “glitch” and the person betting only gets 5$ and a free drink."

And if you want to know why the visitor believes he won to be in with a chance of hitting the jackpot yourself?

Well, a news release from California Hotel & Casino states, as quoted by Khon 2: "The winner attributed his tremendous luck to a red envelope he carried in his pocket during his visit, symbolizing good luck, prosperity and happiness."

Although, make sure to game carefully and all that.

UNILAD has contacted Boyd Gaming for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Getty Images/Nikola Stojadinovic / California Hotel and Casino

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