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Lottery winner’s huge jackpot tragically tore his family apart

Lottery winner’s huge jackpot tragically tore his family apart

Things turned sour between the family

It's not unheard of for money related issued to come between families, and this lottery winner experienced just that.

In March 2018, William John Bampton from Queensland, Australia, won an impressive $986,000 (AUD) jackpot.

He went on to gift his daughter $300,000 of his lottery winnings, but their relationship went on to be affected after Bampton, now 92, asked for the money back.

As per a Brisbane District Court ruling this month, Bampton put down a deposit on a four-bedroom home shortly after winning the lottery.

He paid an initial a $50,000 deposit on the property, before going on to pay the remaining $505,03 to purchase it fully in a co-ownership with his son, Larry Bampton.

In the months that followed, Bampton also gave his daughter, Suzanne Elaine Vourlides, a large $300,000 donation.

But Bampton went on to allege that he was coerced into giving the money to his daughter, with him feeling like he had 'no choice' but to give it to Vourlides after the pair ended up in an argument.

Willam Bampton alleged that he was pressured into giving his daughter money.

But Vourlides insisted that her father willingly donated the money to her.

This caused a huge rift in the family, with Bampton going on to become estranged from his children.

A huge legal dispute between Bampton and his children then followed, with a judge going on to rule in favor of Vourlides.

It was noted that, despite his age, Bampton had not been diagnosed with dementia at the time of the hearing.

"Although Mr. Bampton was of advanced age and had medical conditions, the medical evidence was to the effect that he had full capacity and well understood and was able to manage his financial affairs," Judge Suzanne Sheridan ruled last month.

Bampton won a huge $986,000 AUD jackpot in 2018.
Getty Stock Image/CHUYN

"I am unable to accept that Mrs. Vourlides took unconscientious advantage of Mr. Bampton. I am prepared to accept that the gift was fair, just, and reasonable in the circumstances."

Vourlides went on to say that the lottery win 'destroyed people’s lives'.

"No one’s a winner out of this, it just destroys everyone in the family," Larry Bampton added to the Courier Mail.

"The worst thing that ever happened was that he won the million dollars. One of the tragic lotto stories, I think."

Despite the judge's 59-page ruling, Bampton expressed his intentions of appealing the court's decision, alleging that he has no winnings left.

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