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People are just realizing they could buy tiny home from Amazon for just $20,000 and say it's 'worth it'

People are just realizing they could buy tiny home from Amazon for just $20,000 and say it's 'worth it'

A tiny home priced at just $20,000 has sent Amazon fans into a frenzy

If you're anything like most millennials and Gen Zers, then you're probably struggling to get on the property market.

House prices have soared in recent years across the world and with this in mind, many young people are forced to rent their homes instead of buy them.

In fact, in 2021 a report found that around two-thirds of young adults under the age of 35 were living in rentals.

The same year marked the first time the average house price in the US exceeded $400,000, and things have failed to improve since.

As of late 2023, the average home price in the US rose to an eye-watering $495,100.

But for those of you who are dying to move out of your parents place finally, there's a substantially cheaper alternative to buying a property and it's available on Amazon.

The huge retail site sells everything from books, tech and make-up, but you probably didn't realize it also sells tiny homes (also known as accessory dwelling units or ADUs to some) too.

When we say tiny, we mean the just under 400 square feet, which is a little bit smaller than your typical studio apartment.

You can buy luxurious-looking tiny homes on Amazon. (Amazon)
You can buy luxurious-looking tiny homes on Amazon. (Amazon)

One option on Amazon is the MOLVUS Container House Mobile Expandable Prefab Portable House that will set you back £20,850 [$26,374].

This particular home comes with a restroom with ceramic toilet and basin, as well as kitchen worktops and a sink.

At the time of writing there's also the Foldable Prefab Luxury Villa Expandable Folding Container Prefabricated Living Home that has an exterior that looks like it could be somewhere in the Hollywood Hills. It's priced at £20,000 [$25,298].

Redfin Chief Economist Daryl Fairweather previously said that she believes that tiny homes like these could prove pretty handy.

"Tiny homes and [ADUs] that add density to an area can help make neighborhoods more affordable to people who may otherwise be priced out," Fairweather told Newsweek.

She continued: "I think of ADUs as one tool in our toolbox to promote housing density, especially when combined with policies that promote building more multi-family housing. That's when we can see real progress in bringing down housing costs for all families."

With the state of the property market at the moment, some people aren't surprised that tiny homes like these have become increasingly popular.

"I’m not surprised to see [homes for sale on Amazon],” shopping expert Trae Bodge shared with MarketWatch.

She added that 'selling these homes online presents a new level of opportunity for the retailer to reach consumers who are outside of their local area'.

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