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Mike Tyson Doesn't Flinch When Man Pulls Gun In Bar
Featured Image Credit: Backgrid

Mike Tyson Doesn't Flinch When Man Pulls Gun In Bar

A video appears to show a man pulling a gun at a comedy show Mike Tyson was attending.

In remarkable footage, Mike Tyson barely flinched after a man pulled a gun at a comedy show he attended.

Video obtained by TMZ from a rooftop bar on Tuesday 22 March in Hollywood, shows the professional boxer at a comedy show with friends.

He is sat towards the front of the audience at the show, when an unknown man approaches him, disrupting the comedian's set.

It is unclear what is being said in the footage, with eye witnesses reportedly telling TMZ that the man was challenging Tyson to a fight.

Tyson throughout the video maintains a cool demeanour and doesn't engage with the man. Watch his reactions in the clip below:

The host for the comedy show intervenes, which seems to agitate the man challenging Tyson.

This is when the unknown man appears to pull what looks to be a gun from his waistband, with people gasping and ducking under tables in response.

The man then puts the gun away and allegedly approached Tyson asking him not to call the police.

The professional boxer heard what the unknown man had to say and hugged him at the end of the exchange, after which the man left.

The man pulled a gun, but Mike Tyson remained cool.
Mike Tyson hugged the man after he pulled the gun.

Tyson was said to have left the event some time after, the LAPD were not called about the incident.

The news comes as Tyson made headlines earlier this week for saying that it would take an offer of $1 billion for him to fight Jake Paul, as per The Mirror.

Tyson made his way back into the ring in 2020 to face Roy Jone Jr, after he had been retired for 15 years.

Reports then emerged that the heavyweight had agreed to fight Paul in Las Vegas, but Tyson has since stated that he has no knowledge of any deal.

Tyson said of the alleged deal on his podcast: "Hey, I ain't got no f**king money. So where's the f**king contract. I ain't know nothing about it.

"I was with him in St Barts not too long ago partying and he never told me this. I've never heard this from nobody, I've just heard this from you guys.

"We got to get some more man s**t, blue-eyed, blonde hair, that s**t is very expensive, we need to get some more money, man. A billion bucks."

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