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Marjorie Taylor Greene Claims July 4th Shooting Was 'Staged'

Marjorie Taylor Greene Claims July 4th Shooting Was 'Staged'

The Georgia Republican Representative has shared her controversial views on the July 4th shooting

Marjorie Taylor Greene has suggested that the 4 July shooting in Highland Park, Illinois, was staged by Democrats in an attempt to convince Republicans to support gun control measures.

The Georgia Republic Representative shared a video to Facebook on Tuesday, expressing her controversial views on the 4 July shooting.

In the video she also references the Philadelphia shooting that saw two police officers injured.

Green said: "Two shootings on July 4th, one in a rich, white neighborhood and another at a fireworks display."

Green believes that the shootings occurring in the two different areas is proof that the shooting were staged in an effort to convince Republicans to support gun control measures.

The controversial Republican Representative also claimed that the shooting were staged because they did not take place during Pride Parades in June.

She continued: "It almost sounds like it’s designed to persuade Republicans to go along with more gun control. We didn’t see that happen at all the Pride parades in June, but as soon as we hit MAGA month, the month that we’re all celebrating, loving our country, we have shootings on July 4th."

Greene then seemed to hit back at those who call her a conspiracy theorist as she said: "I mean, that's uh, you know... that would sound like a conspiracy theory, right? Of course. But what's the definition of a right-wing conspiracy theory? Well, by the way, it's the news that's just six months early."

There is no evidence to support Greene's claims that the shootings were staged and she has since been criticised for her irresponsible remarks.

One person wrote: "Her statement is disgusting & insane for about 100 different reasons; chief among them, adding pain to the families of those who died. People like #AlexJones & #MTG make one thing clear, they have no compassion or care for others. Cruelty really is their goal. Goal achieved."

Another said: "My God. @RepMTG is a motherf'ing demon. These families have already endured losing a loved one. Now they have to endure their loved ones' deaths being used by an evil and unhinged #MTG to promote conspiracy theories so she can fleece her sheep supporters for money. F**king hell."

This is not the first time Greene has made controversial allegations.

In 2018, the congresswoman claimed that the California wildfires did not occur naturally and were instead started by a secret Jewish laser beam in space. No evidence has been brought forward to support Greene's claim.

A 21-year old man was charged with seven counts of first-degree murder after he opened fire at Highland Park, Illinois.

Robert "Bobby" Crimo III killed seven people and injured more than 40 others. Crimo regularly posted violent and MAGA content on social media.

Authorities believe the massacre had been planned for weeks although no motive is known.

Featured Image Credit: Marjorie Taylor Greene/Alamy