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Man Wins $100,000 Dollars After Missing Work

Man Wins $100,000 Dollars After Missing Work

After mistakenly thinking he was meant to be at work, a 58-year-old man bought a lucky lottery ticket worth $100,000 on the way home

A man who won $100,000 on a lottery card struck it lucky after realising he wasn't supposed to be at work that day and buying tickets before going home.

A 58-year-old construction worker from Maryland mistakenly headed to his job on 23 April before remembering he wasn't meant to be working that day.

For most people getting up and going to work when you're not needed would be incredibly annoying, but sometimes the hand of fate reaches down and gives someone a stroke of good luck.


Faced with the prospect of a wasted trip, he employed the logic of 'since I'm here, why not' and decided to buy a trio of $10 lottery tickets before going home, only to scratch off the numbers and realise he had hit the jackpot, CNN reports.

It's an incredible story that all hinges on him mistakenly heading into work when it was supposed to be his day off, otherwise he'd never have bought the tickets and wouldn't have won the incredible sum of $100,000.

The lucky man then hurried home to deliver the good news to his girlfriend and three daughters, who he said are 'all so happy for me' but now 'all wanted me to buy them something'.

He has since claimed his $100,000 prize money and has said he intends to use it 'to help his family, take care of his girls, purchase a few necessities and maybe take a vacation'.

Those all sound like very sensible things to spend lottery winnings on, and while $100,000 may not be enough to propel your family into living in a mansion or owning a fleet of luxury cars like some other lottery winners, it's a great windfall that can make hard times easier and bring some unexpected joy into life.


Such a sum of money might also avoid some of the pitfalls that have bedevilled other lottery winners through the years, with CNBC reporting that many who strike it lucky come to regret their winnings.

A life changing amount of money may sound great at first, but plenty of lottery winners end up bankrupt and worse off than when they started.

However, in many of those cases the sums won are in the multiple millions and result in friends and family lining up to ask for cash handouts, which forces the winner to either say no to those closest to them or feel as though they are being used for their money.

Here's hoping this lucky winner and his $100,000 brings much joy to his family.

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