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Man Who Claims He Died Explains What He Experienced

Man Who Claims He Died Explains What He Experienced

A TikToker has explained what happened when he died for three minutes

TikToker Jesse Katch died for three minutes and has shared what he learned from the experience.

Katch (@raisingrevolutions) took to TikTok to explain to his followers how he died for three minutes, and while that sounds pretty morbid, he shares an interesting perspective on what he learned.

Check out his video below:

Captioning the four-part video "What happened when I died," the TikToker lets viewers in on the experience.

"Imagine you're falling back from a window, very, very slowly," Katch says early in the video.

While we'd rather not, because honestly, it sounds stressful, he goes on to explain that your fall is broken by a 'billowing blanket of warmth'.

In the next few parts of the video, Katch speaks more about what he's learned, which includes the idea that all of the objects we see are 'actually the physical, energetic representation of consciousness in the universe that is conscious elsewhere. There is nothing in this realm that is not alive.'

Watch part two below:

And that these objects are actually manifestations of spirits trying to gain access to this realm - some of them are good, like 'rainbows', others are bad like 'heroin'.

While Katch clarifies that he's 'not suggesting that a rock should be as valuable to you as a horse', he is saying that 'everything is interconnected'.

The TikToker adds: "Understand that if you want to live a good life is that the only thing that you keep when you die is the accumulation of all those moments that made you feel at peace and one with everything. Everything else fades.

"The more you can find sacredness and togetherness in anything and everything that's around you, the easier those moments will be to achieve."

Watch the final part below:

In the fourth part of his video, Katch goes deeper still, explaining that he feels the 'energetic barrier between life and death is not very strong'.

Of course, people were quick to comment on the post, with one user saying: "I experienced something very similar coming out of the worst shroom trip of my life. Tysm for sharing."

However, others weren't convinced: "Great acting But we know your just trying to make money," to which the content creator replied: "Actually I have monetization turned off. My main goal is to find like minded people. What I’m hearing is that my energy was off for this video."

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Featured Image Credit: @raisingrevolutions/TikTok/Alamy

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