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Patient pronounced dead by doctor tells him he went to hell and met the devil

Patient pronounced dead by doctor tells him he went to hell and met the devil

A man who was pronounced dead by his doctor says he went to hell and met the devil

There are many people who have a near-death experience that believe they've seen some sort of afterlife or even heaven itself.

When someone comes close to shuffling off their mortal coil but doesn't quite join the choir invisible they often have vivid descriptions of what may await us on the other side.

Although scientists have told us there's really no possibility of a life after death when we do eventually go the number of people who have experienced something is rather large.

Some people say in the time when their life has been in most danger they've heard voices telling them it's not their time while others have even written down their experiences to make sure none of it slips their minds.

However, one man who was pronounced dead by his doctor after being stabbed says that rather than seeing a bright light and some benevolent feeling of coming home he instead saw hell itself and met the devil.

It's a shame that most artistic depictions of hell can't help but make it look really awesome.
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A doctor took to TikTok to explain that he'd encountered a young man in his early 20s who'd been stabbed in the heart after being involved in a drug deal that went wrong.

Not willing to let the man die, medical staff took the victim into surgery, kept him from losing too much blood and treated the wound in his heart.

The doctor remembers the man waking up four hours later and crying, claiming that he 'went straight down into hell and looked straight in the eyes of the devil'.

The man said he could see doctors working to save his life and having never prayed before gave it a try, at which point an angel pulled him back up out of hell.

Remembering how clear the man had been, the doctor said: "It was the most amazing experience because he was legit, I mean nobody makes up an experience like that.

"The last I heard, he's completely changed his life; he gave his life to god, and I still to this day... the look in his eye when he woke up, the terror, I'm absolutely convinced he did meet the devil."

The man who was stabbed said he went down into hell and met the devil himself.
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Not everybody is as convinced in the existence of hell and the devil, as a retired priest once claimed that the church had made it all up to control people.

Meanwhile, someone else who medically died and says they visited hell before they came back claims that demons tortured wrongdoers by singing Rihanna songs.

For those who think they'd like to get a real life look at hell, there's a pit in Turkmenistan called the 'Gates of Hell' which has been burning for over 50 years.

It's not Satan's actual doorstep, however, it's a crater filled with natural gas which was ignited in 1971 after Soviet soldiers thought the whole thing would burn away in just a few weeks and turned out to be badly wrong about it.

Featured Image Credit: Munising Memorial Hospital/Comedy Central

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