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Man gets heckled out of bar after he rocked up dressed as a Nazi for Halloween
Featured Image Credit: mattxiv/Twitter.

Man gets heckled out of bar after he rocked up dressed as a Nazi for Halloween

He soon scuttled out of the place when fellow bar patrons turned on him over his choice of outfit.

A man has been heckled out of a bar because he was dressed as a Nazi for Halloween.

In a viral video that surfaced on Twitter, the unidentified man can be seen smirking in the footage while standing at the bar of Fanelli Cafe in New York.

A repulsed patron can be heard in the clip saying: "What is wrong with you?"

The man shrugged as he appeared to be denied service by bar staff before exchanging words with a patron who told him to leave in, well, let's say some pretty strong language.

"F**k you mate," the man dressed in Nazi attire can be heard saying.

A woman can be heard replying: "You want to get f**ked up? [Then leave] for your own safety."

She could also be seen pointing at the door.

The man was seen smirking as he turned to leave, as bar staff followed him out of the cafe, which is located in New York's trendy Soho neighbourhood.

The video has been viewed on social media more than 6.6 million times since it was uploaded to the platform on Saturday (October 30).

People flocked to the comments section to slam his choice of outfit.

Lucille Bignom/Twitter.

One user said: "Why is he mad he’s getting kicked out? Like did he think he wouldn’t get people upset with this costume or something?"

A second added: "This literally made my whole body go numb. I've spent many evenings in Fanelli. I know it's a Halloween costume, but as a Jewish person, seeing it makes me feel unsafe even here in New York city. Now I'm crying."

A third said: "Honestly it is so disgusting to still see stuff like this in 2022."

A woman on social media named Lucille also tweeted a photo of the man and claimed to be the Fanelli Cafe employee that 'had to kick this jerk out of the bar last night', adding, "Not on my watch."

She was praised for her swift actions.

One person said: "Well done. The world needs more Lucilles!"

A second added: "Thank you for standing up to this person. He should consider himself lucky he was able to walk out."

A third gave the bartender pretty high praise: "Not all heroes wear capes."

In case you are thinking of ever dressing as a Nazi for Halloween or for another event, it's clear that it's not funny and won't go down well most people.

An estimated 50 million people died in World War II. Have a good, hard look at yourself and then go get a different costume.

Fanelli Cafe has been approached for comment.

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