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Man Fights Off Shotgun-Wielding Home Invader To Protect Fiancé

Man Fights Off Shotgun-Wielding Home Invader To Protect Fiancé

A man fought off an armed home intruder after he pointed his shotgun at his fiancé.

A man fought off an armed home intruder after he pointed his shotgun at his fiancé.

I for one would never be brave enough to stand my ground against not just a home invader, but one who was armed with a shotgun, let alone leap towards them and tussle for their weapon.

However, at 1:30am in his home in Idaho Falls, Caspian Shamel's adrenaline kicked in as he leapt to his fiancé, Isabelle's, defence.

Caspian and Isabelle Shamel recount their experience when an armed intruder broke into their home.

The couple had just returned from a date night at at an escape room, and were preparing to watch a crime documentary with Isabelle lounging on the sofa on her phone and Caspian in the kitchen area, when a masked intruder entered their flat, armed with a shotgun.

Caspian noted that the pair were 'pretty tuckered out' from their date and looking forward to relaxing, when suddenly Isabelle heard a 'bang' and saw the door 'fly open'.

On the CCTV recording, the gunman can be heard shouting: "Sit down, m***********s right now!"

An armed intruder enters the home of Isabelle and Caspian Shamel in Idaho Falls.

Despite it being normal for roommates to come and go, Caspian explained he did a 'double take'.

"I just didn't know what was happening at first, I was just in shock," Isabelle said.

After reaching the top of the stairs, the gunman aimed his gun towards Isabelle.

She said: "I definitely feared for my life when I saw that shotgun pointed at me. I've never been in a situation where a loaded gun was pointed at my face. It was a shock and my life flashed before my eyes."

The gunman points his weapon towards Isabelle after reaching the top of the stairs causing her life to flash before her eyes.

Caspian then grabbed the shotgun's barrel and tackled the intruder to the floor, before being dragged down the stairs by the suspect.

When the pair were out of sight, Isabelle ran and called 911. "I told him wrong house buster. He was fully in agreement. As we hit the stairs, there was a change in power for sure.

"He slipped because it was icy, I overtook him and got the weapon away from him," Caspian reflected.

Caspian grabs the barrel of the intruder's shotgun and holds on as he is dragged out of the building.

However, the intruder returned just minutes later, trying to force his way into the house to retrieve his gun.

Unsuccessful, the suspect fled the scene, but was apprehended by police on his way back to his vehicle.

"When the police showed up then they wanted me to walk through the situation with them. I hadn't even really processed it yet. I just got incredibly adrenaline high. I mean my whole entire body was shaking, I was sweating, my face was bright red. So I puked.

"It all kind of washes over you. When you're in the midst of it you don't fell any of those things happening but as soon as it calms down you're like, 'Holy crap this is really pretty crazy'," Caspian said, noting it was easier to have gone through it with his now-wife by his side.

The armed intruder was later identified as 28-year-old Eddie Walker. Walker was charged with aggravated battery and could reportedly receive a maximum of 11 years in prison.

Addressing her husband, Isabelle reflected: "I'm just glad you were there and you were able to take action so quickly.

"I felt safe before but now I feel extra safe. I know that he'll protect me no matter what."

Isabelle and Caspian's story appeared on an episode of I Survived A Crime which first aired on 17 February, 2021.

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Featured Image Credit: A&E/Facebook

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