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Man In Disbelief As Tornado Sirens Accidentally Harmonise

Man In Disbelief As Tornado Sirens Accidentally Harmonise

A man in the middle of four tornados was able to enjoy all the sirens harmonising.

Tornados are scary, destructive things and when the warning sirens go off telling you to find shelter from them it's probably best to heed them.

However, sometimes there's a noise you just have to go out and listen to because you might not get another chance.

That's what TikToker @maxoto_ did last year when he had four separate Iowa City tornado warning sirens go off at the same time around him, with the result being less blaring and more beautiful as they harmonised together to create something special.

Turn up your volume, you're going to want to hear this one properly.

Left in disbelief by the wondrous noise, he described the experience as 'crazy' and leaving him 'in awe' of what he had just heard. We have to admit, the noise the sirens make when they harmonise together is an incredibly serene sound.

Max posted the video of himself walking around outside with the sound of sirens in the background accompanied by the caption 'the most beautiful thing I've ever heard'.

It's not impossible that he might hear the sirens harmonising again, as Iowa City is a hotspot for tornadoes.

Tornado (Pixabay)
Tornado (Pixabay)

Still, if you do live in a part of the world like Iowa City where tornados are frequent enough to warrant sirens then it's probably not the best idea ever to go outside and listen to the nice noises.

What you should do is get to the lowest and most secure point of your house, preferably a room without windows, and take shelter there.

Get under something sturdy like a table or bench if you can, and cover yourself with blankets taking extra care to protect your head.

If you really must listen to the harmonising sirens again then you can just come back to this article and play the video again, we get more clicks and you don't get stuck in a tornado, so everybody wins.

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Featured Image Credit: maxoto_/TikTok/UNILAD/Instagram

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