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Unbelievable Mammatus Clouds Make It Look Like ‘God Is Blowing Vape Bubbles’

Unbelievable Mammatus Clouds Make It Look Like ‘God Is Blowing Vape Bubbles’

The remarkable cloud formation has been compared to 'God blowing vape bubbles'

Some remarkable footage of mammatus clouds gives the illusion that 'God is blowing vape bubbles'.

If you look up and see these clouds looming above you in the air, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the sky was falling.

But the remarkable thing is - you’d actually be half right.

Although their size and shape makes them look like an endless procession of 'vape bubbles blown by God', these bulbous sky-boulders are actually known as mammatus clouds, and are usually a surefire sign that the area you’re in is about to get wrecked by an absolutely massive storm.

Take a look at them in action below:

Spotted recently in Argentina, mammatus clouds aren’t necessarily dangerous by themselves, but they tend to form in the vicinity of thunderstorms and are usually seen as a telling sign of what’s to come.

According to EarthSky, Mammatus clouds tend to cling to the underside of large thunderstorm clouds, and their swollen, orblike appearance is the result of them retaining huge amounts of ice and water, which can be viewable in the sky for hundreds of miles in either direction. 

If you’re standing directly underneath one, there’s a good chance you’re about to get seriously wet.

Interestingly, unlike most clouds, which are formed by rising air, mammatus clouds are instead formed by sinking air, although contrary to popular myth they don’t actually extend downwards to form tornadoes.

Mammatus clouds can create the most stunning of landscapes.

This particular skyscape was captured earlier this week in Argentina, and photographer Isabel Restrepo Vélez had this to say about the situation: "Late Saturday afternoon the sky was covered with these unusual clouds that made us feel as if we were trapped in a vivarium, then came the strong storm with lightning, winds, and hail.

"We were lucky to have been there to capture this strange phenomenon..."

Viewers were similarly impressed with the unusual formation, with many flocking to Instagram to share their thoughts on mammatus clouds.

“It's clearly an apocalypse. Just about right for 2022,” one user said as another simply said: "God blowin' vape bubbles."

“It looks just like intestines on an X-ray machine!” noted another.

Another user quipped that 'the Matrix must be having some issues in that area', with others agreeing that it 'must be some sort of update to the simulation'.

The cloud formations have been compared to 'God blowing vape bubbles'.

Yet despite it all, this wasn’t even the only picture of unusual clouds to go viral this month.

A post of a cloud formation that looked just like a gigantic tsunami wave made a splash on Reddit a few weeks ago with users noting how uncanny and terrifying the enormous formation looked.

The gigantic tsunami cloud was believed to have been snapped in Cincinnati, Ohio, which has been plagued with enormous thunderstorms over the past month.

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Featured Image Credit: Viralhog

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