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Lottery winner who won $30 million says he won't tell his family in case it makes them lazy

Lottery winner who won $30 million says he won't tell his family in case it makes them lazy

A lad won the lottery and promptly decided not to tell his wife and kid.

A lad has decided to keep his $30 million lottery win from his wife and kid because he reckons knowing about the cash would make them lazy.

Look, sometimes it's nice to keep things to yourself, but we'd argue a 220 million yuan (£26m, $30m) jackpot is a stretch too far.

Still, that was what one man, who literally went to collect his prize in a cartoon character costume to protect his anonymity, decided to do.

Li literally collected the prize in disguise.

The winner, who's going by the pseudonym Li, because god forbid his family see his real name published alongside the jackpot, bought 40 lottery tickets for the draw.

And they all had the same seven numbers, which might sound odd, but saw Li gain a huge payout because the lottery paid out 5.48 million yuan for each winning ticket.

So on 24 October, Li went to the Guangxi Welfare Lottery Distribution Centre to collect his prize, having amassed quite a fortune.

While most would use this as an opportunity to go on a p*** up and celebrate with their family, Li decided not to tell them at all.

The winning ticket.

Because, as Li explained, he thought it would make them lazy.

He said: "I have not told my wife or kid. I am concerned that they might feel superior to other people and will not work or study hard in [the] future."

Yep, imagine your dad keeping the fact that he's a millionaire from you so you develop a work ethic - sounds brutal.

He did donate five million yuan to charity though, so that's something.

Still, we're not sure how he's going to hide all his new purchases from his family.

Even so, we understand that it can be hard adjusting to winning the lottery, as millionaire Neil Trotter explained.

Back in 2014, Neil won a massive £108 million prize but found it hard to adjust to a life of luxury.

He said: "Going from having to work to not having to work anymore was quite a strange thing to adjust to, I soon found out that sitting at home watching telly all day was quite boring.

"If you want to live the dream, which is to have the house, the money and spend it you've got to go public. People have said in the past they'd hide the money.

"We get other winners that can help us and talk to us."

And the advice he received from the Camelot group was to not do anything straight away.

We guess that's kind of what Li's done, right?

Featured Image Credit: Baidu

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