The Longest Walkable Distance On Earth Which No One Is Known To Have Completed

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The Longest Walkable Distance On Earth Which No One Is Known To Have Completed

There is one journey left in the world which is still waiting for someone to take up the challenge and conquer it.

When it comes to adventures yet to be had on planet Earth the list is quite short as we humans have pretty much explored most of the planet.

However, one challenge remains unconquered, just waiting for someone with the stamina, determination and about a year's free time on their hands to do it.


It's a step up from the guy who walked from London to Birmingham 'for a laugh', though it might be a handy escape for the man who walked 450km after an argument with his wife if another row breaks out.

This is the longest walkable distance in the world which nobody is known to have completed, a route taking you from Cape Town in South Africa all the way to the port town of Magadan in the far-east of Russia.

This is a path nobody else on Earth has ever walked to the end and it is one of the longest walkable distances in the world, rivalled only by the route your parents claim they took to school every day.


If you do undertake this heroic journey you'll need to pack a few different sets of clothes as you'll go from braving sweltering desert heats to trudging through freezing Siberian conditions.

This incredible journey is measured at a whopping 22,387km, which if you never slept and kept up a steady walking pace would take you a staggering 187 days.

Even the hardiest of us need to have a bit of a nap every now and then, so taking on this distance would probably need up a year or more of your time as you journey across multiple continents.

As a slight bonus, you would be able to rest your weary legs on one occasion as you'll need to hop on ferry to get across the Suez Canal.


That is unless another ship gets wedged across it as you could possibly use that as a makeshift bridge and walk the entire way.

Imagine walking for a year of your life to end up here in Magadan. Credit: Alamy
Imagine walking for a year of your life to end up here in Magadan. Credit: Alamy

It might also be a bit of a tricky path to walk considering it takes you through some of the more conflicted regions in the world.

Your route would have you marching through the Middle East and take you near the Russian border with Ukraine where Vladimir Putin's troops are currently trying to invade.


There really isn't any sort of reward for completing the gargantuan distance apart from the experiences you'll have along the way and being able to one-up almost anyone else's story at a party.

The only people who would have bragging rights over you are those who've managed to walk the Pan-American Highway between Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, to Ushuaia, Argentina.

That's a very small list of people, but imagine how disappointed you'd be to tell your incredible tale only for it to be outdone by someone else.

One thing's for certain, if you walked this road your feet would be really tired by the end.


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