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Children's TV host who quit to start OnlyFans says she now has dads subscribing to her
Featured Image Credit: lizzycapri/Instagram

Children's TV host who quit to start OnlyFans says she now has dads subscribing to her

Former children's TV host Lizzy Capri is now making a fortune on OnlyFans.

A change in career path is certainly not uncommon, though going from a children's TV host to an OnlyFans star is certainly going from one side of the spectrum to another.

Lizzy Capri became famous in 2018 after her YouTube videos on child-friendly toy hacks and science experiments made her a household name for many families.

But the novelty of creating kids content quickly wore off for Capri as she was constantly left with a messy house and became tired 'being covered in slime'.

As a result, the 29-year-old began creating content on OnlyFans, creating the ultimate 'girlfriend experience' for subscribers.

Lizzy Capri was once a children's TV host.

Capri said: "I reached a breaking point and realised I didn't want to make kids' content anymore.

"I'm a grown woman, I don't enjoy running around in slime and playing hide and seek and getting my house really messy for videos.

"I wouldn't say what I'm doing now is modelling, it's more of an expression of me and my body.

"A lot of it are selfies, cute outfits, some lingerie photos, some bikini photos and workout photos."

She continued: "There are more 'get ready with me' videos and more intimate moments. My OnlyFans is more unfiltered than my YouTube content, it's more raw, more me.

"I want people to feel they're really a part of my life - like a boyfriend."

Since switching out the Nerf guns for adult content, Capri has received a fair bit of criticism from moms who have blasted her career change as 'shallow'.

On the other hand, the change in content has alllegedly proven popular among dads who used to watch her on TV with their kids.

Lizzy Capri claims her content is popular with dads.

"I've got mixed reactions from parents. I've definitely got some dad subscribers now, they can watch and enjoy," said Capri.

"They comment or message me to say 'oh my son used to watch you and now I can'.

"It's great that the dads are still following me.

"That said, people of all genders enjoy my content. I'm set to make $500,000 in total for the year."

While some moms have disagreed with her decision, Capri says she is now happier than she has ever been with her 'authentic' channel.

"The problem with defining myself as a children's YouTuber is I was stuck with that," she said.

"I don't think as a creator that's fair - people change and that's just a part of life.

"I came to realise I was spending so many hours pretending to be this character - it's a version of me but it's not really the version of who I want to be anymore."

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