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Lil Baby has ridiculously chill reaction to store accidentally charging him $250k instead of $25k
Featured Image Credit: @rapmarathon_/Twitter

Lil Baby has ridiculously chill reaction to store accidentally charging him $250k instead of $25k

It was an incredibly relaxed reaction to being hugely overcharged

Life is clearly treating Lil Baby very well after he was left unperturbed at being overcharged by $225,000 at a jewellery store.

Most of us would have had a heart attack after such an event, assuming we had $250,000 in our bank accounts in the first place.

The rapper was seemingly a little bit surprised by the error, but not enough to stop vaping and continue to casually go about his business.

The whole exchange between the shopkeeper Zahir and Lil Baby is above and the mind-bogglingly calm chat reads as follows:

Zahir: “Whoops. Instead of $25,000, I actually did $250,000. It went through though!”

Lil Baby: “It'll aight, just owe me £220,000!”

Zahir: “Alright.”

Lil Baby: “You owe me $225,000!”

Zahir: “Okay. I'll just put the $225,000 in store credit.”

Lil Baby: “Alright, that'll work.”

Zahir: “Okay, cool!”

Aside from Lil Baby’s blasé reaction to the shopkeeper’s error, one cannot ignore the alarming blunder here.

Can you imagine going into a supermarket for your weekly shop and a cashier charges you £500 instead of £50?

There is general disbelief on social media at the staggering error, as one user said: “How do you accidentally charge 225,000?”

Meanwhile, another added: “I don’t care how financially stable I am you not turning 225k into no damn store credit.”

Lil Baby is not shy about flaunting his wealth and controversially claimed that anyone with less than $500,000 is poor in an Instagram post from last year.

He has also posted an image of him holding huge amounts of cash, but it is the chart which understandably grinded people's gears.

One user wrote: "Lil Baby ain’t have to remind us how f*ckin poor we are… we working on it… some of us blessed to have a damn job right now."

Another user wrote: "This is stupid. Lord please stop blessing dummies and give this money to people that deserve it. Smh…"

Lil Baby reacted very casually to being heavily overcharged.
Twitter/Rap Marathon

Another user wrote: "Lil Baby said $500K-2M is middle class in the middle of a global pandemic….. you can’t be this out of touch."

According to Lil Baby’s chart, his net wealth of $4 million from 2021 puts him in the ‘comfortable’ bracket.

He would have to earn another $6million to reach $10million and move up into the ‘wealthy’ category.

Let’s hope he isn’t overcharged for purchases too many more times in the future, and avoids sliding down into the ‘Upper Middle’ range.

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