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Leader of Incel community steps down after meeting a woman and having sex

Leader of Incel community steps down after meeting a woman and having sex

The self-described 'Lebron James of incels' has officially retired.

The incel community is seething after learning one of their beloved leaders got laid.

The self-proclaimed ‘Lebron James of incels’ has admitted to his loyal followers that he has finally done the deed.

Earlier this week, Twitter user Komesarj revealed that he had betrayed his troops by indulging in a bit of hanky panky.

“I feel a lot of mixed feeling about leaving the incel community. While it feels good to no longer be incel. I’m going to miss all the friends and connections I’ve made.

"To all of you who have supported me over the years, thank you. I start a new chapter in my life, albeit late,” he wrote.

And you betcha chaos has ensued in the incel community, with involuntary celibates dragging their leader to utter filth.

Their parting words were less than favorable.

One follower commented: “She might be able to basic fulfillment and psychological needs like the warm and the healing touch of another being who loves you, but SHE WILL NEVER be a good healer in League of Legends….hope it’s worth it. Farewell.”

Another said: “It’s honestly disgusting you betray the community after some chick settles for you.”

While a third wrote: “Disgusting.”

However, many congratulated the former incel on the milestone.

One person wrote: “We're going to miss you brother. We wish you the best of luck with your life.”

While another shared: “An incel finally got a girlfriend! In a way, I'm pretty glad this happened for him. I hope he's on the road to healing and being a better human. I also hope this rubs off on other incels.”

Following the barrage of comments, the former leader issued a follow-up statement.

“I’d like to thank the people who have given such kind responses to me," he said.

"Thank you for being class acts. For all the bloodthirsty subhumans and commie they/thems in my mentions hurling vitriol, you are everything wrong with the world and justify the incel negative worldview."

Komesarj has long served as a moderator for the web forum, which has over 20,000 registered users.

According to the website, the forum is an ‘online community for men that struggle with or are unable to get into romantic relationships with women despite trying’.

It adds: “We welcome men from all walks of life, and from all cultural and racial backgrounds, as long as you are an incel.”

So, Komesarj, looks like you’ll have to hand in your badge and enjoy life on the outside.

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