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Vegas family who called cops on ’10ft aliens’ after UFO landed in garden threaten to shoot trespassers

Vegas family who called cops on ’10ft aliens’ after UFO landed in garden threaten to shoot trespassers

The attorney for the Vegas Family says they are armed and has warned trespassers to stay away.

The talk of UFOs has always been a hot topic of conversation, even if it has become a bit of a meme in recent years.

It has been a particular hot talking point over recent weeks after a Las Vegas family dialled 911 reporting they saw 'ten-foot aliens' in their backyard.

Before that apparent sighting, police body cam footage emerged showing lights hovering in the sky before plummeting to the ground in a suspected UFO crash landing sighting.

While many still find it hard to believe, the reporting came shortly after bodycam footage from the LVMPD seemingly showed a suspected UFO soaring across the night sky.

Local TV channel 8 News reported the object spotted in the sky was picked up on the bodycam footage at around 11:50pm local time on 30 April - with its flash seen as far as Utah and California.

The family in question claimed to see tall alien creatures with 'big eyes', though many weren't so believing.

Officers carried out an extensive search following reports of the mysterious figures, with no new evidence being uncovered.

Police have since done an inspection of the house where the UFO was apparently spotted.
8 News

But while there was no confirmed UFO sighting, local officials did install cameras at the family's home.

Its purpose, you ask? Well, to protect them from UFO nuts that might come to their address and potentially bother or even harm them.

"The mother told me they came out there and put up the cameras, supposedly to protect the family from people coming to bother them about the UFO," said Las Vegas podcaster Poppa, who was heavily involved in the case.

Well, that doesn't exactly seem to have worked as UFO sleuths who are fully behind the story have stormed the house to try and catch a sight of these UFOs.

The family has since hired an attorney to sue intruders, with Sam Heidari claiming people have gone as far as climbing over walls and sending drones.

Police bodycam footage seemingly captured UFO sightings.
8 News

"They don't have any aliens in the storage or anywhere, so don't try to climb up the walls or send a drone," the attorney told 8 News Now.

He also warned potential intruders about approaching the house, as the family are equipped with guns.

"There is a possibility of injury if they get in, because this family is armed," Heidari added.

"So it's fair enough to do it because they cannot determine who is entering, who is a trespasser, who is a thief, and who is a robber."

The attorney was then asked if he thought the family he is representing are staging a hoax, to which he replied: "That's not what I'm hired for."

Featured Image Credit: 8 News / LA Police

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