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Women are changing their names from Karen because they 'can't escape'

Women are changing their names from Karen because they 'can't escape'

Can you blame them?

The internet is so powerful that some women named Karen have been changing their names as they 'can't escape'.

These days, the last thing you want to get called is a Karen. Ever since the rise of a meme depicting a woman with a dodgy haircut asking to 'speak to the manager', the term has taken on a life of its own online.

Today a Karen is defined as a white woman who is entitled and demanding, often using her white privilege to have things her own way.

The name is so ubiquitous, there's a whole subcategory of Karen videos online, costumes poking fun at the character, and even a Karen's Diner where the staff are purposely rude to customers.

In short, it really sucks to be anyone who was given the name at birth right now.

While some Karens have joined a Facebook group in an effort to tackle the associations, others have given in and actually changed their name for good.

This is the case for Karen Taylor, who spoke to The New York Post about her predicament. After thinking long and hard about the ongoing saga, she's started going by a new name of Gaelic origin and is in the process of having it changed legally.

She told the outlet: "As someone named Karen, when you go home and turn on the TV or go on the internet, you’re as likely as not to see your name being misused. You walk around with a tag that says 'racist'."

It all started with a meme.

Taylor said she's even encountered signs at bars and cafes with signs or stickers saying 'No Karens'.

"I’m not the sort of person who goes around looking to be a victim," said the 56-year-old small business owner.

"I wouldn’t be talking about this if it were just an annoyance. It’s just something that I can’t escape."

She continued: "It took me a couple of sleepless weeks to decide I had to change my name.

"Karen is a great name, and being forced to give up your name – the first thing your parents gave you – is a big deal."

Although her parents have since passed away, she said she believes they 'would have understood' as she comes from a family of Jewish Americans with a history of changing names to avoid discrimination.

Similarly, an author and educator named Karen Gross has changed her name and now goes by 'K'.

The 70-year-old told the publication: "Initially I thought it was a fad that would go away.

Karen Gross now goes by a different name.
Karen Gross/New York Post

"Then I started seeing articles in reputable publications about the meme – using it as a platform to discuss white privilege and rude and socially obnoxious behavior. I realized it had a stickiness.

"The assumption by people, considering that I am named Karen, is that I stand for white privilege and have a disregard for other people. That is not true."

Gross continued: "I’m sending a message about the power of memes and why we should be concerned about homogenizing everybody with a certain name in a negative way.

"As an educator, I saw that happening all the time with children. We should be cautious about how we tease people and harass them over their names. It isn’t a joke. It’s serious business."

Featured Image Credit: Karen Gross/Guy Corbishley/Alamy Stock Photo

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