Kanye West rips into the body positivity movement and calls it 'unhealthy' and 'demonic'

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Kanye West rips into the body positivity movement and calls it 'unhealthy' and 'demonic'

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Kanye West has ripped into the body positivity movement by calling it 'unhealthy' and 'demonic'.

The rapper sat down with Tucker Carlson off the back of his controversial Paris Fashion Week show where he debuted a White Lives Matter t-shirt.

His wide-ranging interview with the Fox News host touched on a load of topics, from his ex-wife, to his pro-life stance, his support of Donald Trump and also his views on the movement telling people to love the body that they're in.

He brought up a story about how his 'good friend' Lizzo often gets attacked on social media by 'bots' whenever she announces she's lost weight.


Ye said these bots criticise the 'Good As Hell' singer because the 'media wants to put out a perception that being overweight is the new goal'.

The Donda star described the body positivity movement as 'demonic' and part of an attempted 'genocide of the Black race'.

When he was asked about the White Lives Matter t-shirt that has sparked a million headlines, the rapper said he's not listening to all the critics.

"I don’t care about what people’s response is. I care about the fact that there are more Black babies being aborted than born in New York City at this point," he said.

"That 50 per cent of Black death in America is abortion. So I really don’t care about people’s response I perform for an audience of one and that’s God."

Kim Kardashian has apologised to her family for Kanye West. Credit: Alamy
Kim Kardashian has apologised to her family for Kanye West. Credit: Alamy

Kanye was asked about how he faced similar scrutiny when he wore a Make America Great Again hat with Donald Trump.

"My so-called friends/handlers around me told me said that if I like Trump my career would be over," he explained to Tucker Carlson.

"That my life would be over.

"They said stuff like people get killed for wearing a hat like that. They threatened my life.

"They basically said that I would be killed for wearing the hat. I had someone call me last night and said anybody wearing a White Lives Matter shirt is going to be green lit.

"That means that they are going to beat them up if they wear it. I’m like okay, green light me then."

The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement invited Ye to a 'free, open, online Black Power class,' taught by the Director of the BLM Grassroots Dr Melina Abdullah to 'deepen their understanding'.

Their statement added: "We invite them into courageous conversation on race, racism, and why we say 'Black Lives Matter'."

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