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Judge pays man's fine after he walked 5 miles to court with less than a dollar to his name
Featured Image Credit: Caught In Providence

Judge pays man's fine after he walked 5 miles to court with less than a dollar to his name

Judge Frank Caprio offered to cover the cost of the fine for the man with not even a dollar in his bank

A judge paid off a man's fine after he walked five miles to court with less than a dollar to his name.

Chief Judge Frank Caprio who stars in the hit-program, Caught in Providence, where 'real people have their cases heard' in court has showed an act of kindness that this man is sure to never forget.

After the man walked for over an 'hour and a half' just to attend the court meeting - and with only '92 cents' in the bank - Caprio not only let him off the parking violations but went above and beyond in the house of justice. Check it out:

The wholesome moment from Caught in Providence has truly touched the nation's hearts.

The case saw a motorist, Daniel Murray, who had 'seven violations', five of which were 'parking tickets'.

All in all, Murray faced a hefty $250 dollar fine for the fees and tickets, but it's clear he wasn't able to come up with the funds just yet.

Upon receiving the fines, the motorist said: "Thank you, Your Honor," before asking if there was any flexibility with paying the money back.

"One quick question, Your Honor," he began, "is there any way - can that be deferred a little bit?"

Murray went on to reveal: "I'm just in a bit of a financial situation."

When asked by Caprio how much he could currently pay towards the fine, Murray confessed: "I have 92 cents in my account.

"I just walked from East Providence this morning to get over here."

"I have 92 cents in my account."
Facebook/Caught In Providence

Upon catching light of Murray's 'five mile' pilgrimage to get to the Rhode Island courthouse, Caprio asked if he could 'take an Uber'.

Murray replied: "I have no money. Not right now," before explaining how he runs 'youth lacrosse' programs.

Caprio then made a decision to help the struggling man out with a little assistance from his fund, the Philomena Fund, named after his mother.

He handed out $25 from the fund for Murray, saying: "I want you to take an Uber so you don't have to walk back."

The motorist graciously accepted the kind offer, replying: "Thank you very much. You saved me a great deal of time today - and money."

Talking of which - Caprio's generosity didn't stop there.

"We're gonna help you out with these fines," the chief judge declared, "we're going to use this fund to pay for your fine, so you're gonna be all set."

Totally speechless, Murray said: "Wow, thank you so much. That's more than generous."

Caprio went on to say: "You got 25 bucks to take an Uber. And you got this now. Let's hope things turn out for you."

However, there was one condition.

"This judge is so impressive!"
Facebook/Caught In Providence

The judge explained: "Wait a minute. That's only half the battle. Right.

"That's our part, you have to do your part."

He continued: "You have to help somebody else. There are an awful lot of people out there who have similar problems and you are going to be in a situation to help them.

"Don't forget them. Remember how you felt? So you have to give back."

The clip has since been uploaded to Facebook where viewers couldn't wait to share their reactions to the heartfelt gesture.

One Facebook user posted: "This judge is so impressive!"

"He’s just a fantastic judge full of compassion," echoed a second.

A third added: "This program has help me see there is a lotta good left in the world."

There sure is.

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