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Johnny Depp Caught Drawing Bizarre Sketch In Court And Showing It Off To Lawyer

Johnny Depp Caught Drawing Bizarre Sketch In Court And Showing It Off To Lawyer

"He's proud of it"

Johnny Depp was deep in concentration in court while writing a note to his lawyer, only to pass along what appeared to be a quirky little portrait.

Yesterday, April 26, marked the ninth day of the 58-year-old actor’s defamation trial against ex-wife Amber Heard, 35. 

It was a busy day, featuring testimony from Dr Shannon Curry, a forensic psychologist who determined Heard to suffer from borderline personality disorder, as well as from LAPD cop Melissa Saenz, who said she and her partner witnessed no crime during a 2016 domestic call to the couple’s house. 

To keep himself entertained, Depp was seen sketching a picture and passing it to his attorney, Benjamin Chew, who proceeds to put his glasses on to get a better look before putting his hand on his chest and then pointing to the actor with approval. 

A clip of the moment was shared by TikTok user The G Family, where it’s been viewed more than 4.3 million times. Narrating over the footage, he says: “Johnny Depp looks so serious, like he’s writing something really important… let’s see what he’s writing.

“Important piece of paper, pass over to his attorney,” he adds as Depp hands over the sketch, with the TikToker laughing and saying, “He’s proud of it.”

Johnny Depp was filmed drawing a picture for his lawyer in court.

Thousands of people have since commented on the post, with many praising Chew’s reaction to the pic. 

“His attorney putting his glasses on to look at the drawing,” said one, while another wrote: “You know when the lawyer tapped the picture he was saying ‘I'm gona keep that’.”

“Lawyer putting that sketch up in his office forever,” said a third, with a fourth writing: “Who needs a court sketch artist when you have Johnny.”

Both Depp and Heard have faced scrutiny during the trial, which started on 11 April at Fairfax County Circuit Court in Virginia. 

However, a section of the public appears to have turned against the Aquaman star, after footage posted to YouTube reveals a crowd of people booing her as she leaves court. 

In the video, the camera holder can be heard booing while others join in hurling insults, with one even calling Heard a ‘witch’. 

Depp is currently seeking $50 million (£38.2 million) in damages for a 2018 op-ed Heard wrote for The Washington Post in which she referred to herself as a survivor of domestic abuse. 

While Heard didn't outright name Depp in the piece, his lawyers are arguing that the allegations have permanently damaged his personal and professional reputation, and his career suffered as a result. 

The trial is ongoing and is expected to finish some time in May. 

Featured Image Credit: Law&Crime

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