Joe Rogan Accuses Donald Trump Of Being A 'Man Baby'

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Joe Rogan Accuses Donald Trump Of Being A 'Man Baby'

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Joe Rogan has accused Donald Trump of being a 'man baby' and speculated he used medication like Adderall during his Presidency.

During his chat with fellow comedian Tom Segura on a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, the two discussed what the former Commander in Chief was like behind closed doors in the White House.

According to the New York Post, Segura said Trump was 'full of f**king energy' during his four years in office and Rogan suggested that was because of prescription medication.

The two also went into claims about how White House staffers would try and keep Trump's mood in check.

"I heard they would put his name in briefings multiple times to keep him interested,” Rogan said, going off reports made by Reuters.

Segura replied: “[Jared Kushner], his son-in-law, said he came up with a formula to keep him engaged...the formula was ‘two good, one bad'.

“So if they were going to give him some bad news, you’d start with some good news.

"So they go, ‘This is going well, everybody’s thrilled with you about this, here’s a bad thing. Also, people love you for this.’”

Rogan thought that was a ridiculous concept and said Trump was a 'man baby'.

The Independent reports several media outlets claimed there was a variety of tactics used by White House staff to ensure news briefings didn't bore or anger Trump.

Rogan's 'man baby' dig is the latest in a spate of savage comments the UFC commentator has lobbed over at Trump.

He previously claimed he has rejected multiple requests from Trump to be on his The Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

Rogan says he doesn't want anyone to think he endorsed the ex-President.

Joe Rogan has shared the reason he’s never had Donald Trump on his podcast. Credit:
Joe Rogan has shared the reason he’s never had Donald Trump on his podcast. Credit:

“I am not a Trump supporter, in any way, shape or form,” Rogan said.

“I have had the opportunity to have him on my show, more than once, and I have said no every time.

“I don’t want to help him, I’m not interested in helping him."

Rogan made the comments while touching upon President Joe Biden’s recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live during a new interview with scientist Lex Fridman.

When asked whether Trump could win 2024’s presidential race, Rogan replied: “Well he’s [Trump] running against a dead man. Biden shakes hands with people that aren’t even there when he gets off stage. I think he’s seeing ghosts. [Did you] see him on Jimmy Kimmel the other day? He was just rambling.”

He went on: “If he was anyone else - if he was a Republican, if that was Donald Trump doing that - every f*****g talk show would be screaming for him to be off the air."

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