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The White House says Joe Biden is ‘fine’ after he fell over on stage at US Air Force ceremony

The White House says Joe Biden is ‘fine’ after he fell over on stage at US Air Force ceremony

The 80-year-old took a hefty tumble after tripping in front of graduates.

Joe Biden has taken a hefty tumble in front of US Air Force cadets at their graduation ceremony.

The 80-year-old US President walked into the event at Colorado Springs, Colorado in high spirits and told the 'Falcons' that it's a 'big day'.

"It's great to be back in the Air Force Academy. At the altitude of 7,258 feet above sea level. Far, far above that of West Point or Annapolis," he said to the crowd.

He added: "We put 40 nations together.

"The United States has rallied the world. Stands strong with Ukraine. Defend the values that the American people hold so dear. Freedom. Sovereignty. Democracy. Simple dignity.”

“Never forget the sacred oath you swear, and the mission you serve is something far, far greater than any person or president.

“It’s our Constitution, it’s our country and it’s our enduring American values.”

He was stood for around an hour and a half, according to the BBC, as he shook hands with each of the 921 graduating cadets.

However, as the ceremony was drawing to a close, Biden turned and tripped.

He hit the deck in front of everyone and was quickly helped to his feet by two members of his US Secret Service detail.

White House communications director Ben LaBolt tweeted: "He’s fine.

“There was a sandbag on stage while he was shaking hands.”

It didn't appear the fall injured the President as he was seen jogging back to his motorcade once the ceremony was completed.

But that didn't stop loads of people taking to Twitter to express concern for the elderly world leader.

Donald Trump was asked about his thoughts on the tumble and he graciously said he hoped Biden wasn't hurt.

The BBC said recent polls show a majority of Americans are concerned about him running for a second term.

He would be 82 years old once he would take office for another four years and some are questioning whether he's up to the job.

Featured Image Credit: Associated Press / Alamy Stock Photo

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