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Jake Paul Lists The Five Things Which Makes Joe Biden The 'American Problem'

Jake Paul Lists The Five Things Which Makes Joe Biden The 'American Problem'

YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul has admitted to being a fan of Donald Trump

Jake Paul has hit out at US President Joe Biden on social media by dubbing him as the 'American problem'.

The YouTuber-turned-boxer has publicly showcased his admiration for the former POTUS, Donald Trump, after sharing a photo of the two last year along with a FaceTime screenshot.

Well, Paul has now sarcastically listed five reasons why he thinks the current president is doing a bad job. Taking to Twitter, he tweeted: "Biden accomplishments

1. Highest gas prices

2. Worst inflation

3. Plummeting crypto prices

4. Highest rent prices ever

5. Created new incomprehensible language

If you’re reading this and voted for Biden and you still don’t regret it then you are the American problem."

Some, naturally, were in agreement with Paul while others thought he was chatting total b***ocks.

Someone wrote: "Dude I'm generally on your side in fights and such, but Canada is over $9 a gallon. Is that Biden fault too or you just fishing for Maga likes?"

Another added: "Lol… man, you don’t understand it do you? I really wish we could see it would be the EXACT same if Trump were in office still lol THE COUNTRY OPENED BACK UP… actually the WORLD opened back up… 'American problem'... whole globe going through it… wake up."

Someone else commented: "While I did vote for Biden begrudgingly and definitely have regrets about that. It's not for ANY of the reasons you just stated. Like not 1. And it's not that I don't care about inflation or rent or gas prices. But what he gotta do with that? Or Crypto for that matter?"

On the other hand, some fans disagreed with the backlash, with one writing: "Jake Paul. The hero we need."

Another added: "Political policy can absolutely impact the markets. That's more than likely what he's referencing. If you start investing, you'll probably discuss a bit about some international investments having higher potential volatility, especially in developing markets because... politics."

But it seems as if Paul's so-called admiration for Trump is fairly fresh as, pointed about by one user, back in 2020, before Trump and Paul were pictured together, the YouTuber tweeted: "Boutta knock your little wig the f**k off @realDonaldTrump little b**ch... let’s do the PPV?! Wtf u at?"

Clearly, if there was any beef there at all, it was soon squashed after Paul rocked up to a press conference in a 'Make Boxing Great Again' hat, which was, of course. inspired by Trump's original red cap.

Seems as if Paul and Trump have a love-hate relationship going on to us...

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