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Fitness Influencer Reminds Guys 'It's Actually Scary' After Getting Details Swiped From Gym Pass

Fitness Influencer Reminds Guys 'It's Actually Scary' After Getting Details Swiped From Gym Pass

Influencer reveals how gym employee stole her phone number

A TikToker has spoken out about a pretty creepy interaction she had with a gym employee.

Kenya (@kenyastephh) is a TikTok fitness influencer who often shares motivational videos with her more than 16,000 followers.

However, she recently took to the social platform to speak out about her not-so-pleasant experience with a gym employee.

Kenya told followers in a series of videos that after going to the gym one day, she received a voicemail from one of its employees.

The issue? She hadn't given the employee her number — he'd pulled it from her membership card.

In the video, Kenya explains that she 'wasn’t even in the gym for more than 5 mins today' when 'a worker pulled my phone number from my gym pass and called me and left a voicemail'.

She added, 'What be wrong with y’all fr'.

She then shared the voicemail after one fan commented on the initial video saying, 'Post it for sure. That's unprofessional af.'

On the voicemail, a man can be heard saying, 'Hello this is EOS fitness…we saw you doing glute spreads' — which honestly is just super creepy.

Kenya wrote a caption over the photo, saying, 'Friendly reminder to men to please not do things like this it is VERY scary too many weird things happen I'm sorry for the women and I wish this stuff wouldn't happen.'

The TikToker said she was 'just trying to take some pics before my workout'.

In the comments of her videos, Kenya went on to say that this isn't the first time something weird has happened with gym employees.

She said, 'I’ve lost count on how many gyms I’ve switched to' and that 'Now I’m changing gyms again.'

People in the comments showed their support for Kenya and recounted their own weird experiences at gyms.

One user wrote, 'No bc this has happened to me twice at two different gyms it’s not cool.'

Another added, 'I had a manager at 24/hr fitness do this AND say that he could look up my address smh.'

Another user even said, 'I don’t have my address bc my old gym started sending me inappropriate “gifts".'

And honestly, from the amount of comments, this is a serious issue that needs to be discussed.

Some then urged Kenya to report the employee, which she has, noting, 'It got handled by the manager and membership was revoked and [they’re] currently looking into the employee.'

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Featured Image Credit: @kenyastephh/TikTok

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