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Independence Day Mass Shooting Suspect Planned July 4 Attack For Weeks, Police Say

Independence Day Mass Shooting Suspect Planned July 4 Attack For Weeks, Police Say

The man suspected of being the mass shooter who killed at least six people on Independence Day appears to have planned his attack

Authorities have revealed that the person of interest in the recent mass shooting in Chicago allegedly planned his attack for weeks.

Police say the suspect dressed as a woman in an attempt to hide his identity and escape the scene of the shooting.

Lake County Major Crime Task Force spokesperson Christopher Covelli announced at a press briefing that the suspected shooter had been caught on video dressed in women's clothing as he attempted to evade the police.

He said the gunman took an AR-15 style rifle to Highland Park, Chicago and climbed up a fire escape ladder onto the roof of a store before firing more than 70 rounds into a parade full of people.

The suspect, who allegedly opened fire on an Independence Day parade killing at least six people, has been named as 21-year-old Robert E Crimo III.

Police were able to arrest him on Monday (4 July) evening after officers released his name and appearance to the public when a passer by spotted him, tipping off the authorities.


When officers arrested him they discovered a second rifle in his vehicle.

Covelli said there was no indication his mother knew anything or that anyone else was involved in planning or carrying out the mass shooting.

He said: "During the attack he was dressed in women's clothing and investigators do believe he did this to conceal his facial tattoos and his identity to help him during the escape with the other people who were fleeing the chaos.

"I'm not sure what the women's attire consisted of but it was initially reported that this person had long hair, so a wig isn't out of the question."

City of Highland Park Police Department / UPI / Alamy Stock Photo /

The motive for the attack is not yet known.

There have been more than 300 mass shootings in the US in 2022, with the Chicago attack adding at least six more victims to the tally of Americans slain by rampant gun violence across the country.

Each time another shooting is carried there are calls for greater gun control in the wake of yet another massacre.

US president Joe Biden said the latest mass shooting showed there was 'much more work to do' in getting to grips with gun violence in America.

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