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Crazy video shows how dangerous it is when you put ice in a deep fryer
Featured Image Credit: Twitter

Crazy video shows how dangerous it is when you put ice in a deep fryer

If you need to see this video, there is no hope

A video has been doing the rounds on social media that shows exactly why you should never put ice in a deep fat fryer.

If you read that sentence and you are still wondering why that may be, I beg you to watch it:

While the majority of you reading this are probably thinking, 'Well, isn't it obvious?' I mean, yeah, you'd think so.

But apparently, there are people out there who skipped that science lesson at high school and see no problem with dropping ice cold water into a vat of boiling oil.

'Ice cold' and 'boiling' should be a big clue, but let's have a look what happens.

In the video, an unknown person, who presumably is an employee at the Louisiana branch of the Popeyes restaurant decides to do a little experiment mid-shift.

They're seen filling a basket with a huge cup full of ice.

Is this a good idea?

They then proceed to place said basket into a huge vat of, as mentioned earlier, piping hot oil.

Almost as soon as the ice comes into contact with the oil, a violent chemical reaction occurs, with the oil fizzing and churning up into a thick yellow froth.

As the oil starts to bubble even more ferociously, the employee eventually realises that they have f**ked up, and quickly backs away from the area.

And it's at this point that a panicked voice in the background can be heard shouting, 'Get it out, get it out, get it out!'

I think everyone involved in the stunt (hopefully) learned a very valuable lesson that day, don't you?

A dangerous decision.

But, if even after all of that, you're still dubious about the obvious dangers involved, let's hear what a professional has to say about it.

Reacting to the video, which was posted on TikTok a couple of years back - though has since been deleted by the looks of it - and racked up thousands of views and comments, an account called @firedepartmentchronicles explained why it was so dangerous.

They said: "Just remember two things before you try the newest Darwinism challenge. Number one, water expands 1,700 times its normal size when it's converted to steam.

"Number two, it's really hard to call 911 when you're screaming in pain when you're covered in boiling hot grease."

So yeah, let's keep ice and water very far away from boiling oil.

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