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'Miracle' teen who was accepted into 40 colleges has been offered $1.6 million in scholarships
Featured Image Credit: Atlanta News First

'Miracle' teen who was accepted into 40 colleges has been offered $1.6 million in scholarships

A high school student has revealed which college he's going to after receiving over 40 acceptance letters.

A high school student has earned $1.6 million in scholarships after receiving over 40 college acceptance letters.

Regis Harris from Douglas County, Colorado was left astounded when he got not just one, but more than 40 college acceptance letters through his door.

The 17-year-old Chapel Hill High senior has since opened up about the hard work he put into studying for his college exams, the $1.6 million in scholarships he was offered and which college he has since decided to attend.

In an interview with Atlanta News First, Regis noted how 'blessed' he feels to have such an amazing 'opportunity'.

“There were several schools at the top of my list.” he said.

However, the student did reflect how the hard work to get all the acceptance letters came with 'a lot of sacrifices'.

"There were a lot of nights I stayed up studying all night long," he recalled.

Getting into over 40 colleges did come with its 'sacrifices'.
Facebook/ Kia J Harris

However, the 17-year-old managed to pull it off, even with a part-time job and singing in the church choir, as well as being a member of his school's National Honour Society, chess club, varsity track team and school band.

Regis explained: "The hardest part for me was that I balanced staying on top of work but also that I maintained being a well-rounded person."

His parents said that there 'weren't enough words' to describe how proud they are of their 'miracle' son. They said he needed open heart surgery two days after he was born due to a heart condition, calling him a 'fighter since birth'.

His mother, Kia J Harris, said: "The doctors told me he would be developmentally delayed. They even stated that he might have to have heart surgery again. He is our miracle.”

In a video posted to Facebook, Regis' mum revealed that Regis would spend his Saturdays 'writing essays' to complete his scholarship applications, as well as attending interviews, producing videos and visiting colleges, having to wait seven months to finally hear back.

In the video, posted on Friday (24 March), Regis' mum also revealed the student had 'made his decision' on which university he will be attending after 'four years of hard work'.

Alongside the video compilation, Kia writes: "Well this has been quite a journey! We are beyond blessed and proud of Regis! "His hard work and perseverance has truly paid off….. He has made his decision!!!"

In the video, Regis thanks God, his parents and his sister for their support and 'pushing [him] to be the best student [he] can be' as well as the 'best person'.

Regis also received scholarship offers amounting to $1.6 million.
Facebook/ Kia J Harris

He thanked the rest of his family and friends, before revealing which offer he's chosen to accept.

Regis explained the reason he's chosen the school he has is because it has a 'very highly rated biology programme' and 'has made [him] feel really welcome and at home'.

He continued: "I have chosen to receive a full academic scholarship [...] at North Carolina A&T University.

"This fall, I will be a freshman at North Carolina A&T where I'll be a pre-med and biology major. I can't wait to complete my ultimate goal which is to become a psychiatrist and help underserved Black communities.

"I'm very blessed to have this opportunity and I can't wait to make the most out of it."

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