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Hidden Coachella speakeasy which needs a password to get behind mysterious red door

Hidden Coachella speakeasy which needs a password to get behind mysterious red door

The mystery surrounding a Coachella speakeasy has been solved and it's just a great as you'd imagined!

For those outside of the US, Coachella seems to be the ultimate festival to go to at least once in a lifetime.

Why? The hoards of celebrity appearances, amazing live performances and constant events to keep you going could just be a few of the reasons why it’s on many people’s bucket list.

But, even more renowned than the festival itself is the buzz around hidden speakeasy locations which even have their own Reddit threads discussing how to find and enter them.

Unfortunately for regular folk, they actually require a password it get through the door but once you get in, you’re a VIP.

Such as the case for TikTok user @kaelalala24 who went in search for this mysterious gem on Saturday (22 April).

It began when her and a friend were exploring Coachella.

“Okay ya’ll I’ve found the speakeasy,” she said.

“It’s behind these doors. I just need to know if I have to wait in this line or if I just go up to this girl.

“Okay we’re going to walk up to this security guard, if she spits in our face, she spits in our face.”

The TikToker found a hidden speakeasy at Coachella.

It seemed to work as the pair managed to get up and close to the mysterious red door which featured a red telephone attached to the side of the entryway and a white doorbell.

Once entering the red door, they begin to walk through a walkway made up of brown wooden boards and fencing.

“Oh my god, I cannot believe we found it,” she said.

“And literally, we just f***ing stumbled upon it. Woah!

“First drinky of the day at a speakeasy.”

The duo finally made it to the end of the wooden maze walkway and found themselves in a dimly lit bar with relaxed patrons sat on rustic leather bench seats.

“Oh my god, I cannot believe we found it."

The whole vibe of the room looked to be a little boho, a smidge of chic and a whole lot of underground indie as the pair walked to their table.

“Here’s the menu,” the TikToker said as she gave her followers a glimpse of what the speakeasy had to offer.

With a list of yummy cocktails to choose from including a Pineapple Parkside, Sweet Tea Smash, Garden Tonic and Mezcal Mule, it’s safe to say that the speakeasy is somewhat of a must-see hidden gem for Coachella-goers.

And the best part on a sunny day? It’s got to be the air conditioning.

Equipped with the little drinking glasses they lifted from the speakeasy bar; at the end of the video, the pair can be seen enjoying the rest of the night at festival.

With the look of something out of a circus, sci-fi mash up - it’s safe to say that a Coachella speakeasy spot certainly is everything that you’d hope it would be!

Featured Image Credit: kaelalala24/TikTok

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