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Police ask 'tuneless' internet sensation to stop singing

Police ask 'tuneless' internet sensation to stop singing

The viral star has millions of fans and claims he was 'mentally tortured' by police

You know your singing is bad when the police get involved.

Hero Alom has become an internet sensation for his distinct ability, or lack thereof, to belt out a tune.

The Bangladeshi singer has millions of fans on social media and is known for his takes on classical songs.

However, his antics don't appear to have gone down too well with the authorities, who detained the 37-year-old and ordered him to stop.

Speaking to Agence France-Presse (AFP), Alom said he was 'mentally tortured' by the police and made to sign an 'apology' for performing songs by Rabindranath Tagore and Nazrul Islam, the country's national poet.

Alom told the agency: "The police picked me up at 6am and kept me there for eight hours. They asked me why I sing Rabindra and Nazrul songs."

Hero Alom was arrested after singing while dressed as a police officer.
Hero Alom/Facebook

Alom also claimed that cops ordered him to stop using the name 'Hero' too.

However, police have since denied that this was the case.

Dhaka’s chief detective Harun ur Rashid said Alom was actually arrested for wearing a police uniform in his videos, having not asked permission before doing so.

The chief detective also claimed that the police had received a number of reports from the public about his music.

He told AFP: "We received many complaints against him. [He] totally changed the [traditional] style [of singing]… He assured us that he won’t repeat this."

Alom didn't waste any time after he got out, though.

Following his release, the viral star released another music video, which showed him in prison waiting to be hanged.

Since the news of his encounter with the police broke, Alom's fans have taken to social media to show their support.

Writing on Twitter, one user said: "An appeal to not put restrictions on Hero Alom, a personal favourite of mine."

Another chipped in: "Bangladeshi singer Hero Alom arrested for his tuneless singing, especially Rabindra Sangeet and classical music.

"Police asked him not to repeat such songs further... bad days for music!"

"The confidence we all need. Hero Alom is indeed the power house of confidence," put a third.

While another added: "The cultural elites were fine with Hero Alom’s activities until he went too far & started covering the ideological father of the cultural elites!

"If this doesn’t ring any bell to the open thinkers, nothing will!"

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Featured Image Credit: Hero Alom OFFICIAL/YouTube

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