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Hermès heir is awarding his $11 billion fortune to his gardener

Hermès heir is awarding his $11 billion fortune to his gardener

Nicolas Puech is a fifth-generation descendent of the designer mogul

What’s the nicest thing your work has done for you? I can think of a few.

Whatever it is you’re thinking, this former employer is taking ‘perks’ to a whole new level.

Billionaire Nicolas Puech, 80, has alleged plans to adopt his 51-year-old long-time gardener, and assign him as rightful heir to his eye-watering fortune.

Puech is a fifth-generation descendent of the designer mogul and fashion conglomerate Thierry Hermès, and ranks as one of Switzerland’s wealthiest individuals, with an estimated worth of a whopping $11.6 billion, according to Forbes.

Not a bad cut, considering the Hermès fashion house is now reportedly a $220 billion company.

Swiss company Tribune de Genève reported the surprising move by Puech to make his former gardener and handyman the sole beneficiary, as he never married or had any children.

Hermès is reportedly worth $220 billion.
Photo by Stefano Guidi/Getty Images

Puech has allegedly already started putting things in motion with his legal team to adopt his former employee, as it's been deemed a ‘crucial part’ of him inheriting real estate, acquiring properties in Morocco, Marrakesh and Switzerland.

The former gardener is said to be married to a woman in Spain and is the father to two children.

A rift that rocked the Hermès family could explain the unorthodox choice of heir, after luxury rivals LVMH bought a share of Hermès back in 2014 which reportedly caused issues within the family, causing Puech to resign.

“He resigned because he has felt for several years beleaguered by members of his family, who have attacked him on several fronts, not only regarding LVMH,” a spokesperson for Puech said at the time.

However, there may be some challenges to face in terms of legally processing the adoption of an adult, as in Switzerland it's said you must know the person when they were a child in order to for the adoption to be successful.

The Hermès heir has alleged plans to adopt his 51-year-old long-time gardener.
Photo by Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images

Not only is trying to adopt his gardener turning out to be a lot of work, it's also said that Puech has got himself into a slightly awkward situation in terms of his will and wealth.

Puech had previously committed his fortune to the Isocrates foundation, created by him to combat misinformation. According to reports, attempts to change this pledge may cause legal problems.

The foundation, in a statement shared with Fortune, opposes any unilateral cancellation of the inheritance contract, signalling a potential showdown.

UNILAD has contacted Hermès for comment.

Featured Image Credit: FacebookNicolas Puech / Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images

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