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'Fascinating' timelapse shows how a wound heals itself

'Fascinating' timelapse shows how a wound heals itself

The eerie timelapse video shows what the scarring process looks like in slow motion

A mind-boggling timelapse shows the process of an open wound healing itself, and its left people fascinated.

The human body is a fascinating thing - as kids, most of us were accident prone. It was seemingly unavoidable, in school I noticed we all had accidental matching scars, like little tattoos we didn’t ask for, from aggressively slide tackling each other on the gravel like the untameable goblins we were.

It happens. Scars are unavoidable.

But have you ever wondered how fast it takes your mishaps to heal?

Humans have survived some of the most unlikely freak accidents and healed from near fatal physical trauma.

The healing process is among one of the most mesmerizing things that happens to us - some people have healed from the most unthinkable accidents, there’s no doubt about it, and our bodies are more robust than we think at times.

Just so we have an idea of the process of healing, YouTuber ‘Kolo Time Lapse’ took an interest in the closing of a finger wound and shared the impressive visual video which was recorded over the course of 33 days.

The silent, brightly lit video was filmed back in 2018, as the creator took a photo of his open wound every four hours, six times a day, so every detail of the process is documented.

A YouTuber decided to document the healing process of an open finger wound.
Youtube/Kolo / Timelapse

There are four stages any wound passes in order to make a full recovery, it’s a regenerative process consisting of hemostasis, vasoconstriction, inflammation, and then finally, phagocytosis.

This is when the wound should be healed and a scar is fully formed.

The scarring process is usually the hardest to heal, which is usually referred to as Fibrotic Scarring, more often than not remain on the skin for life.

Viewers of the video were seemingly enamoured with the science behind it, one saying: "It's like 5 in the morning and I'm here looking at a healing time lapse. It's so cool to see how the skin repairs itself."

By day 17, the wound had scabbed over.
Youtube/Kolo / Timelapse

While the slow mo shot seemed like a blessing to another: "Thank you! - I am on day 15 of a wound healing, so this was very useful to reassure myself and to have a benchmark to verify against. Thank you so much!"

“I’ve always wanted to see a timelapse like this," another said.

"The body healing itself has always been so cool to me. I’m not a masochist but whenever I do get hurt I just think damn. a bunch of cells are working to heal me rn. that’s fun."

And a final joked: "Plot twist: it's not a timelapse and he actually have regenerative powers."

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Kolo / TimeLapse

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