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Scientists reveal new reason why your hangovers could be getting worse and it's not your age
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Scientists reveal new reason why your hangovers could be getting worse and it's not your age

Researchers found another reason why you might be suffering from extreme hangovers

Most of us have accepted that as we get older, those hangovers are gonna hit harder, but scientists have confirmed another reason why you might feel more tender than usual the morning after..

Once you hit you're late twenties, it gets you wondering whether the shots are worth the inevitable monster of a hangover the next day, but it turns out it might be something else that's making some of you feel so fragile.

During a study conducted by Stanford University, the individuals who suffered from the same long-term illness struggled significantly more with the recovery process after a night of drinking.

Scientists have another explanation for your worsening hangovers.
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California University conducted the study, Post Acute Covid Syndrome clinic (PACS), that found that those who suffer from long-Covid symptoms are more likely to suffer from extreme hangovers due to the inflammation that's caused within the body from side effects of having Covid-19.

Long-Covid is believed to cause inflammation due to the virus weakening the blood-barrier, and this is what causes those hangovers to feel unnecessarily sore.

The PACS clinic estimated that over three million Americans are currently suffering from long-Covid, with the symptoms consisting of constant fatigue and brain fog.

Those who took part in the study and suffered with long-Covid encountered the similar difficulties.

A 49-year-old woman who has suffered from the illness for 11 months, told the researchers that before Covid, she was able to comfortably consume a glass a wine with little to no effects, but after contracting the long-term illness, she now 'dreads' the following day and it leaves her feeling "overwhelmed, tired and groggy."

The symptoms of long covid are still being studied.
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Another 40-year-old subject shared that they were formally a 'frequent cocktail drinker', but now feels as though they're suffering from 'alcohol poisoning and a severe long-lasting headache' after a single beverage.

Another study, who didn't have any symptoms whatsoever before Covid, now has complains 'faces headaches, cognitive impairment and problems sleeping' after a single drink.

As the illness is still being studied, more chronic symptoms have been known to plague those who suffer from long-Covid include memory and concentration problems, chest pain, insomnia, heart and lung problems, joint pain, depression, anxiety, diarrhoea, stomach aches and loss of appetite, and paired with a hangover, become even more intense as symptoms.

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