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Dentist claims she can tell if you are right or left handed just by looking in your mouth

Dentist claims she can tell if you are right or left handed just by looking in your mouth

She said she can also tell if you have oral cancer or an STI

TikTok has proven time and time again to be an incredible asset when it comes to giving a glimpse into the realities of often-demanding careers.

We see how 'finance girlies' spend their '5-9' - following their 9-5 - and the types of meals that personal chefs whip up for their high-paying clients.

And don't even get me started on the ridiculously satisfying pool-cleaning videos - I'll never not watch those.

And now, a dentist using the app has opened up on several 'hacks' she has learnt about understanding a patient's oral hygiene since the start of her career.

Emma - who goes by the username @emmafrommelbourne on the video-sharing app - has outlined the '4 *less obvious* things I can tell my looking in your MOUTH'.

"I'm Emma, and I'm a dental hygienist," she explains. "Yes, we can tell the really obvious things like smoking, or if you don't brush your teeth very well.

The dentist can tell a lot about a person by the state of their oral hygiene.

"But here are four things that you probably don't think that we know."

The first point that the TikToker makes is that she can tell when a patient is left or right handed.

Emma explains: "And even more so, when I use plaque disclosing gel and highlight the plaque in your mouth, most left-handers brush the right side better, and most right-handers brush the left side better.

"The reason being that it's easier to brush with the opposite side, so there's always way more plaque on the side of your dominant hand."

She reveals she can also tell which side we each favour while eating.

"A lot of people don't think they have a side but most people do, and I can tell because there's way more plaque and and calculus that I'll clean out from one particular side of your mouth," Emma adds.

The dentist claims she can also tell whether or not you might have a sleep apnea disorder.

She continues: "There are usually tell-tale signs and people will usually tell us certain symptoms they're experiencing or they're not waking up in the morning feeling refreshed.

"But I can also tell if you have a really large tongue that is blocking your airways, and I can also tell if you have a scalloped tongue."

Emma goes on: "And there are a few other really clear clinical signs that indicate a sleep disorder."

She claims she can tell if you are right or left handed just by looking in your mouth.
Getty/Tunvarat Pruskachat

The last point she makes is that she's actually able to tell if you're suffering with either oral cancer, or a sexually transmitted infection.

"A lot of oral cancers show up in the mouth really, really obviously, and if you think about it, if you go to your GP, they're not asking to look inside your mouth, or if they do, they're looking at your throat," Emma notes.

"They're not looking at your soft tissues like your tongue, cheeks and underneath the tongue, so if you haven't been to the dentist in a while, this is your sign to come see us."

Featured Image Credit: emmafrommelbourne/TikTok

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