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Chiropractor warns why you should never sleep on your front
Featured Image Credit: Adam Lister/ Stockvisual/ Getty Images

Chiropractor warns why you should never sleep on your front

He warned you need to 'stop right NOW' if you go to sleep on your front

A chiropractor has revealed why you should never sleep on your stomach.

Ah, sleep. We used to hate bedtime and fight it as much as possible when we were younger, but now there's nothing we long for more after a long day in the office.

You know you're getting old when you start investing in higher quality sheets, memory foam mattress toppers and neck-moulding pillows, but all of that goes out of the window if you choose to sleep on your front, according to one chiropractor.

Prepare to battle with your instincts when you go to bed later:

Dr Jae Chung - a chiropractor at Chirowell in Tempe, Arizona - has taken to TikTok to share his tip for proper 'spinal health'.

Pointing to a person who is lying face down on a bed, Dr Jae warns: "If you are sleeping like this, stop right NOW!"

But why is flopping onto your bed chest-down so bad?

Even if there aren't three in your bed, you need to roll over.

Well, the main issue is how the position affects your neck.

Dr Jae explains when you lie face down, you 'have to turn your head to one side' which can ultimately cause 'stress and strain to your neck'.

"And also you can put more stress to your lower back," he continues. "This sleeping position can also put stress on your heart and possibly cause cardiovascular problems for people who have heart issues."

So, if you shouldn't sleep on your front, then what is the best position to sleep in?

Lying on your front puts stress on your neck and lower back, Dr Jae says.

In a follow-up video, Dr Jae says there are 'two things' which are crucial to having a good night's sleep.

The first? Sleep on your back. I apologize in advance to my partner who complains I always snore when lying on my back.

You also do need to invest in a 'comfortable' pillow which measures around 'two to four inches in height' as that way, your spine is 'perfectly aligned to the bed'.

If you don't want to invest in a fancy pillow, you can simply use a rolled up towel. And a pillow under the knees also helps with supporting your spine.

Don't fret if you're a side-sleeper, as unlike sleeping on your front, it's still possible to catch some zzz's in this position while not compromising your spinal and overall back health, just remember the pillow between your knees if you opt for this position.

Happy sleeping!

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