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People are finding out they suffer from 'air hunger' after expert explains the symptoms
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@dr.ptang

People are finding out they suffer from 'air hunger' after expert explains the symptoms

TikTok Neurologist goes viral for helpful tip on 'air hunger' symptom

'Starving for air' sounds pretty intense, but 'air hunger' is surprisingly a real symptom you may have experienced before, and Tiktok chiropractor has given tips on how to avoid it.

Chiropractic Neurologist Tommy Pang, who goes by Mr.TPang on the app, has offered information to his followers on a symptom called 'air hunger' - and has offered tips on how to manage an attack of it.

'Air hunger' is a distressing feeling of not being able to breathe in a sufficient amount of air regardless of how deeply you try to inhale, a common symptom of both anxiety and POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome).

Pang, a chiropractor specializing in functional neurology, has given his 200,000 social media followers tips on how to tackle an attack of 'air hunger' and which exercises can help to regulate the nervous system.

"Air hunger is one of the worst anxiety and POTS symptoms was the block text written across the video before goes on to explain more about the lesser-known condition."

The clip has since gone viral with 18 million views.

POTS is a breathing pattern disorder and where the person may struggle with conscious and unregulated breathing due to a quick change in heart pattern, along with shortness of breath, dizziness, heart palpitations, fatigue, and fainting.

Re-education around breathing along with increased fluids and exercise prove a useful therapy to POTS sufferers and can reduce the severity of symptoms for patients.

Pang further explains in the TikTok clip: "You try to breathe, but your breath doesn't feel like it's enough.

"You force a yawn but still can't get the air to fill your lungs. It's like there's no oxygen in the air or like your lungs are too weak."

In the TIkTok he gives tips on how to alleviate the feeling. He films himself sitting while concentrating on a circle on the wall, moving his head left and right but still concentrating on the same circle. This helps the heart rate to stabilize, which overall helps with symptoms.

Dr. Pang's video showing the quick way to battle the dreading 'air hunger' has now reached a whopping 18 million views from shocked viewers who couldn't believe that being unable to fill your lungs properly had medical term.

The neurologist gave tips on how to stop 'air hunger'.

One grateful commenter wrote: "I’ve been trying to explain this feeling for so long, thank you for this!"

"'WAIT I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE???' Another viewer asked.

"This happens to me a lot,' another added. 'It makes me start to panic when I can’t get my lungs to feel satisfied."

"I have no idea this was actually a POTS symptom, everyone's been thinking im crazy' added another viewer who could put a name to the sensation."

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