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Tourist following their satnav accidentally drives car into Hawaii harbor

Tourist following their satnav accidentally drives car into Hawaii harbor

The driver said she thought the sea was 'a big puddle'

Many of us have gotten horribly lost after placing too much faith in our sat navs, but one tourist took it up a notch by ending up in the literal sea.

Yep, a tourist on Hawaii Island ended up having to be rescued after following her GPS directions down a boat ramp and into the drink at Honokohau Small Boat Harbor in Kailua-Kona.

Somehow this is the second time that someone has followed their sat nav down that boat ramp and into the water in the last few weeks.

Footage posted on Instagram shows a bystander growing increasingly frustrated with the woman, who’s seen dawdling to gather her belongings from her rapidly sinking car.

You can watch the dramatic scenes below:

A witness told Hawaii Times Now: “She did take some time. She ended up grabbing her backpack or purse, all of her belongings that she could grab before she got out.

“And I’m kind of frustrated with it because I know that as soon as it starts to actually go underwater she’s in trouble.”

The Hawaii County Police Department said they responded to the incident at 8pm yesterday (30 May), and found the woman had driven her blue 2010 Ford Edge down a boat ramp straight into the sea.

When they asked how she found herself in this situation, she said she’d been following her GPS directions.

She also reportedly said she thought the water was ‘a big puddle’.

As previously mentioned, this isn’t the first time this has happened recently.

The woman was in no rush to leave her car.

On Saturday (1 April), a couple on their way to a manta ray tour also ended up following their GPS directions straight into the water.

Witness Christie Hutchinson told Hawaii News Now at the time: “I think they just must’ve taken their eyes off the road for a second.”

The driver and passenger looked to be in trouble, being buckled into their seats as water poured in through the open windows of their Dodge Caravan, but thankfully, witnesses helped them escape unharmed.

Hutchinson added: “It took us a second to figure out what was going on because they didn’t seem panicked or have any sense of urgency to get out of the car.”

The car was eventually towed out of the harbor.

We don’t know what sat nav either of these unfortunate drivers was using, but perhaps something needs to be done about the directions it’s giving.

Otherwise it looks like people are just going to keep driving down this boat ramp and have to be rescued from the sea.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@4reels808

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