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Hasley Concert Cancelled After Floods Cause Chaos And Rodent Infestation

Hasley Concert Cancelled After Floods Cause Chaos And Rodent Infestation

Halsey fans were left disappointed after concert venue flooded

Halsey's Maryland concert was cut short after extreme flooding - something which resulted in rodents crawling around the venue, sending terrified fans into a panic.

The Badlands singer was due to perform at 7pm in Maryland on Wednesday (8 June), but the show was inevitably cancelled after fans were left drenched by the sea of water that flooded the bleachers and floors.

And to make things even worse, excited concert-goers who had waited patiently to see the singer were left screaming when they spotted rodents scurrying across the stage floor.

Halsey's fans shared the terrifying experience on Twitter, showing shocking pictures and videos from the disaster zone.

In the many clips that are now circulating twitter, the bleachers at the venue resemble a waterfall as the heavy water flow and drenches unsuspecting fans.

One social media user managed to capture the exact moment a security guard kicked what looked like a squirrel off the stage, sending it flying into the crowds and causing the venue to erupt into chaos as fans tried to avoid the rodent.

A security guard was seen kicking what appeared to be a squirrel off the stage.

Despite the disastrous events, some fans were determined to make light of the situation as they turned to twitter to joke about their unique experience.

One user shared a video of the raining venue and jokingly said: "Halsey’s team went all out with the special effects for this tour."

Another fan wrote: "halsey was right we have been sitting at the bottom of a swimming pool for a while now," referencing lyrics from the artists song 'Young God'.

A disappointed Halsey went live on Instagram to address the situation, explaining that initially weather experts had advised there was only going to be some rain which was 'supposed to pass'.

The singer then stated that the unpredictable weather meant the venue became 'immediately dangerous', leading to the concert being cancelled.

The singer also took to Twitter to address the situation for fans who missed the live.

She wrote: "Maryland I don’t even know what to say. If you missed my live, I’ll post something soon explaining what happened.

"But right now I’m heartbroken and panicked and I just want to know when/that you all get home safely. I love you guys more than anything."

The singer reassured fans that she would reschedule the show, which is part of her Love and Power Tour, adding: "I really want to add that I am beyond disappointed with the way the venue handled everything tonight and my rescheduled date will be happening somewhere else. I hear you guys loud and clear I promise."

The 'Hurricane' singer also checked back in with her fans earlier today. In a follow up tweet she wrote: "Good morning I hope u guys are feeling better this morning after last night’s storm.

"I’m so happy so many of you tweeted me that you got home safe. So Good comes out tonight and I’m gonna camp out on Twitter today n tmrw to talk to y’all about it. Just wanna b close to u rn."

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Featured Image Credit: Twitter