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Rumored GTA VI voice actor shares new video which is sending fans into hype frenzy

Rumored GTA VI voice actor shares new video which is sending fans into hype frenzy

Fans are losing it after watching an action-packed clip featuring GTA V's Shawn Fonteno and Bryan Zampella.

The man rumored to be providing the voice for one of Grand Theft Auto VI’s protagonist has filmed a video with Shawn Fonteno, the actor behind Grand Theft Auto V protagonist Franklin.

As you can probably predict, the hilarious, action-packed and profanity-filled clip has sent fans into a frenzy since no one was expecting to see a crossover between the two actors.

Since both men appear in the video together, fans have taken this as a sort of confirmation that a GTA VI teaser is on the horizon and that Bryan Zampella definitely has a big role in it.

Fans rushed to the comments to share their excitement after seeing Fonteno and Zampella going head-to-head in the four-minute-long clip.

“Probably the best-selling game in history in a few minutes should be in this briefcase," one GTA fan declared.

“This is going to get good I hope to see you both in the next GTA," another YouTube user commented.

“If this story is anything like this , it’ll be great.”

Bryan Zampella and Shawn Fonteno in a new video.
Blast Crew/YouTube

“I know what you guys are doing there," someone else penned. "That was cool!”

Another comment read: “If GTA6 is anything like this it's going to be f***ing epic!”

While one commenter said: “I’m just as hyped for this, as I was for GTA5”

And another excited gamer said: “IT’S HAPPENING BOIS!”

All gamers are well aware at this point how long we have been waiting for Grand Theft Auto VI.

Rockstar Games - the developers of the famed franchise - released Grand Theft Auto V in September 2013, with the tenth anniversary of the game coming in days.

Yes, people. It really has been that long since the last game came out.

However, small bits of information are slowly coming out about the hugely anticipated game, though it is quite hard to believe what is right from wrong.

The last GTA game came out in 2013.
Rockstar Games

Many rumors have suggested that GTA VI will take us back to the iconic Miami-inspired location of Vice City, while it will reportedly feature two playable protagonists named Jason and Lucia, inspired by historic crime duo, Bonnie and Clyde.

Last week, there was yet another GTA VI leak that revealed the game could have a 750GB file size, while also providing a whopping 400 hours of gameplay.

The latest leak is not exactly good news for a lot of gamers, especially for those who are struggling with storage on their console of choice.

For example, the PS5 is advertised as having an 825GB of storage, but 158GB is automatically reserved to system files, leaving just 667.GB for players to use for games.

This rumored GTA 6 file size exceeds that by over 80GB, meaning PlayStation players would need some kind of extra storage device to even run the latest release.

Featured Image Credit: X/@GTAVI_Countdown/Rockstar Games

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