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GTA VI leaker is trying to blackmail Rockstar with the game's source code
Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

GTA VI leaker is trying to blackmail Rockstar with the game's source code

The hacker updated their original post to encourage the company to get in touch

The person behind the huge Grand Theft Auto VI leak this weekend is now trying to blackmail developer Rockstar Games with the game's source code.

GTA VI isn't set to be released for months, if not years, but fans are thought to have got a first-look at what's in store when approximately 90 videos including footage of gameplay were released on GTA forums.

The clips included footage of a female playable character named Lucia and a setting of the 'Vice City Metro' train, and although Rockstar hasn't confirmed whether the leak is legitimate, a source close to the developer claimed yesterday (18 September) the videos were real.

A link to the footage was shared online by an internet user using the name Teapotuberhacker, who later claimed to have gained access to the videos through a Rockstar employee's Slack account.

The same user, who also claimed to be behind another unrelated recent hack, added that they could be about to ‘leak more data soon’.

After the leak went viral, the poster updated their original post on GTA forums to declare apparent plans to make money out of Rockstar Games.

They wrote: "Ok so this has gone unexpectedly viral, woke up to 3000 Telegram DM's. If you are a [sic] employee of Rockstar or [GTA publisher] Take2 and your [sic] trying to contact me send me a message... from you corporate email address. I will try to read all these reply [sic] soon - I am looking to negotiate a deal."

The user threatened to release 'GTA 5 and 6 source code assets' as well as 'GTA 6 testing build', with the post suggesting they could move ahead with this threat if they're unable to 'negotiate a deal'.

Following the updated threat, reports online claim someone managed to get in touch with the hacker while posing as a Rockstar or Take-Two employee. The hacker allegedly stood firm on his claims, stating he had source code and that the developer's IT team would be able to 'check the logs' for proof of the hack.

They also said they would sell the source code and assets for GTA V, and would not accept any 'offers under five figures'. GTA VI source code is 'not for sale at this moment', they wrote.

Thousands of gamers have already seen the footage, but some of the clips have been removed from YouTube as the site cited copyright claims by Take-Two Interactive.

UNILAD has approached Rockstar for comment.

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