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Grand Theft Auto fans confused as GTA 6 gameplay is ‘leaked’ in 90 videos
Featured Image Credit: @WaterHexle/Twitter

Grand Theft Auto fans confused as GTA 6 gameplay is ‘leaked’ in 90 videos

Grand Theft Auto 6 isn't due out for ages, but someone claims to have obtained 90 videos showing the new game

Fans of the Grand Theft Auto video games have been left slightly confused after an apparent leak was released online in the form of around 90 videos.

The game itself isn’t due to be released for a good while yet, but the new leaks – which could be an elaborate hoax – seem to confirm several theories that fans have speculated on with regards to the forthcoming Grand Theft Auto 6.

According to PC Gamer, someone on one of the GTA forums has shared a load of clips showing the gameplay for the new edition in a 3GB package.

We’re not exactly sure how the footage was obtained, and again it could be a load of nonsense, but a user called ‘teapotuberhacker’ who claimed to be behind another unrelated hack the other week says that they could be about to ‘leak more data soon’.

So, what can we learn from it all?

Well, if the leak is genuine it seems as if the rumours about a female playable character are true.

It has been reported previously that there would be two female characters in the new Grand Theft Auto, with their characters influenced by American folk anti-heroes Bonnie and Clyde.

Putting aside the fact that one of those – specifically Clyde - was a man, it’s an interesting development.

Regardless of the truth of the leaks, they are currently being splashed all over Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube.

If it is correct, it’s obviously not the finished article yet.

There’s some clunky looking moments and a lot of placeholder text and source code.

Still, it’s interesting stuff.

In another of the short clips, it seems to have been confirmed that the new game will take place in Vice City, much like another effort, the aptly titled Grand Theft Auto Vice City.

In one video a female character can be seen riding on a Vice City Metro train, and another clip shows a police car bearing the letters VCPD on it – standing presumably for Vice City Police Department.

In truth, that’s about all we can glean from it, particularly in case it turns out to be a fake.

We’ll obviously start to get more and more updates on the forthcoming sixth Grand Theft Auto game as it nears release, which looks set to be in a couple of years.

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