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Actor who played Trevor on GTA actually recorded lines in his underwear and couldn’t stop farting on set

Actor who played Trevor on GTA actually recorded lines in his underwear and couldn’t stop farting on set

Steven Ogg, who played Trevor in Grand Theft Auto 5, really got into his role, but also really kicked up a stink

An actor famous for playing a role in the Grand Theft Auto video game series was known for cavorting around the set in his underwear, as well as letting out some seriously heinous farts.

Anyone who has played Grand Theft Auto 5 should well be familiar with Trevor, one of the lead characters.

Well, Trevor was played by Steven Ogg, who has also appeared in hit TV shows such as The Walking Dead and Better Call Saul.

You might recognise him from those roles, but if you’re here it’s probably because you know him from GTA.

Apparently, whilst he was recording his vocal takes for the hugely popular game, he couldn’t control his flatulence, and had a number of other outlandish habits too.

This is according to Ned Luke, who was another actor on the game.

Steven Ogg played Trevor in GTA 5.

Ned, who played Michael De Santa, explained: "Our set was very loose, pretty crazy, and a lot of fun,

"Steven is very free with his farts.

“We’d give him s*** about that all the time.

“Then after every day we worked, he would strip down to his underwear and run around the stage.

“He’s a freak show."

Certainly sounds like it, but it also does sound quite funny, let’s be honest.

Of course, fans of the franchise will probably recognise this sort of behaviour as fairly typically ‘Trevor’, but in truth, the actor couldn’t really be more different to his character.

Luke continued: "He’s so far distant from Trevor that you would not believe,

"In a way, yeah. In another way, he’s not even close.

“Very artsy fartsy, with an emphasis on the fartsy.

"I called him a methane actor.

“We had this thing where we could order healthy food with a lot of stuff in it that makes you fart.

“He likes to eat healthy.

“If you see the guy, he’s jacked."

A quick check on the guy’s Instagram will tell you, this is not an exaggeration.

He is in great shape, that's for sure.

Steven Ogg seems to do his best work in his pants.

What’s more, it’s clear that Luke and Ogg got on famously from the start, with their audition going very well together.

“The chemistry was just stupid. It was so on the money. We basically threw the scripts down and just went [at it],” Luke said.

“It was cool, man. It was good.

“We smacked each other because it was a kind of physical scene. There was a shove, a smack, there was a block - all this stuff going on.

“When we came out, I said to Steven, ‘I don’t know about me, pal, but you’re booking this thing’,

“He’s down there getting on his bike like, ‘Oh, I don’t know’. I’m like, ‘Dude, I’ll see you on the set’.”

He probably didn't know about the farting at that point, though.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Corridor/Rockstar

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