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Grand Theft Auto's Trevor actor lashes out at fan over GTA 6 Cameo request

Grand Theft Auto's Trevor actor lashes out at fan over GTA 6 Cameo request

Steven Ogg really seems to dislike people asking him to play Trevor...

Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most profitable video games of all time, grossing more than $8 billion in revenue since its release in 2013.

Yet despite turning in a performance every bit as well-known and iconic as some of the most famous film roles of all time, one of the leads in GTA 5 seems uncomfortable with being known primarily as a videogame character.

Steven Ogg, who plays unhinged criminal and fan favourite Trevor Phillips, was recently asked by a fan to say a few words in-character during a Cameo appearance.

Despite making good on his commitment, the actor seemed a little bit frustrated in the video, and grumbled about being a 'real' person and not a 'cartoon'. Have a listen below:

Nevertheless, despite the frosty performance, YouTuber Huge One reached out to Ogg again following the announcement of the bombshell GTA 6 leaks, and asked him to record another in-character performance in which he shouts out Jason and Lucia, who are rumoured to be the protagonists of the series’ next entry.

Ogg once again compiled - but he didn't seem overly happy about it.

In a video on his channel titled: "Does Steven Ogg hate Trevor?", Hugo explained the situation in full.

“It sounded like he was a little annoyed with me by asking Trevor to do the cameo and not Steven Ogg, the actor,” Hugo explained. “But it wasn’t a big deal and so I asked him back for a second one.

Hugo, who also has Cameos from various other actors in the GTA franchise, thought the request would be no big deal. But Ogg thought differently.

Steven Ogg didn't seem too enthused to be sending videos in character.

The Youtuber asked Ogg to send Jason and Lucia a message telling them to be careful in Vice City, and to meet him out there later. “Feel free to go crazy,” he added in his message.

But instead, the clip he received in response saw Ogg once again go off on a long, rambling tangent in which he ranted about not being a 'cartoon' character and said he 'doesn’t understand' why people keep asking him to reprise his past roles as “none of those are real”.

“They wanted me to give you this message from Trevor - but of course I’m not Trevor; my name is Steven and I am an actor,” he said in the Cameo.

“In a sense I get it , but in another sense I don’t get it,” he added. “Because as actors you portray different characters which makes it literally impossible for me to be a cartoon.

“It’s impossible for me to be a cartoon, I can’t be. And other characters too right? That’s an actor's job.

"I just need to get that off my chest,” he concluded, before wearily finishing the request.

Needless to say, Hugo wasn’t too thrilled about the product he got in return, pausing the clip to remind his audience he paid $140 to listen to Ogg rant, and said the actor came off like 'kind of a d*ck'.

Fans haven't been impressed with Ogg's attitude towards Cameo.
dpa picture alliance/Alamy Stock Photo

“I paid him this money to be this character and talk about the world this character lives in and he took it as some kind of insult to him as an actor, and I thought it was a little unnecessary for him to spend two minutes berating me for asking him to be Trevor,” he said.

“I thought that’s what Cameo was for.”

While it's understandable Ogg might not want to be known primarily for playing a character nearly a decade ago, others in the comments have pointed out that at the end of the day, nobody forced him to take the job.

One commenter said: “You can really tell Steven Ogg doesn't like video games, calling them cartoons.

"But his acting in that video game is just as real as any other acting he has done.”

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Featured Image Credit: Hugo One/YouTube/Rockstar

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