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Groom's Partying Delays Wedding So Annoyed Bride Marries Someone Else
Featured Image Credit: India Today

Groom's Partying Delays Wedding So Annoyed Bride Marries Someone Else

The groom and his friends got caught up in their celebrations ahead of the ceremony

A frustrated bride decided to marry another man entirely after her husband-to-be partied so hard he delayed the wedding.

Married or not, I'm sure most people will be able to tell you that partying hard immediately before you're set to tie the knot isn't the best idea.

Indulging in celebrations before the actual wedding could risk in you being exhausted and hungover - or potentially even still drunk - while walking down the aisle, and it's safe to say that's not the best way to start married life. If you manage to start it at all, that is.

For one intended groom in Chelana Village, India, that plan became a lost cause when he got too carried away celebrating with his friends.

The groom found himself without a bride after he decided to party for a little bit too long.
India Today

The baarat, which is the groom's wedding procession, set off for the bride's house at 9pm on Sunday (15 May) with plans to begin wedding pheras, in which the bride and groom make vows to one another, at 1:15am.

The proceedings faced a hurdle, however, after the groom and his friends started having a bit too much fun drinking and dancing to the DJ, causing the procession to be delayed for hours, according to India Today.

The groom showed no signs of slowing down, despite leaving his future bride waiting, so the woman decided to return the baarat while her family made the decision that she would marry someone else.

As if that didn't make for a surprising enough wedding story, things took another turn the following day when the groom's family went to the Rajgarh police station to file a complaint against the bride's family.

The wedding pheras are a traditional part of Hindu weddings.

The family of the bride argued the groom and his relatives were careless about the wedding pheras, and suggested the flippant attitude would continue in the future.

The pheras are performed walking around a sacred fire, according to Cultural India, and without them any Hindu marriage is incomplete.

The seven vows mark a way for the couple to confirm their commitment and sincerity to one another, with each phera referring to a different promise or prayer, namely a prayer for nourishment, wealth and prosperity, the blessing of strong and noble children, and a healthy and disease-free life, and promises of a mental, emotional and spiritual union, upholding family values, and a promise of love, trust, and companionship. 

With the couple set to be married on Sunday having failed to make it to the pheras, both families decided to cite family issues as the reason for the wedding cancellation.

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