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Germany announces plan to legalise cannabis for recreational use

Germany announces plan to legalise cannabis for recreational use

The country would become one of the world’s largest legal cannabis markets if it gets the green light

Germany is moving ahead with its plan to legalise cannabis for recreational use in a new agreement announced today (October 26).

The European country has long considered the idea of allowing the sale and production of weed after legalising the use of the drug for restricted medical purpose in 2017.

And now it appears to have taken a major step forward after the government's cabinet approved a plan to decriminalise the possession of up to 30 grams of the substance and allow the sale of it to adults for recreational purposes.

This doesn't mean the measures will definitely go ahead, as health minister Karl Lauterbach explained that the government wants to first make sure it complies with European Union law.

He also stated that the market would be tightly regulated if it is eventually approved.

But the benefits are clear for all to see.

The Institute for Competition Economics previously carried out a survey which found that legalising cannabis could boost Germany’s annual tax revenue and cost savings by €3.4 billion (£2.6 billion).

As well as boosting the economy and creating thousands of new jobs, Lauterbach said the aim of the plan to permit weed sales to adults at licensed outlets is to help combat the black market.

Germany is one step closer to legalising cannabis for recreational purposes.

In their election manifesto last year, the Social Democrats described the use of cannabis as a ‘social reality’ and called for an 'appropriate political way of dealing with this'.

The Green Party and Free Democratic Party have also long supported a legalised cannabis market that is regulated by the state.

Politicians said the plan would ensure quality control while also protecting young people, and agreed that the 'social effects' of the new legislation would be examined after a four year period.

With a population of more than 83 million, Germany would become one of the world’s largest legal cannabis markets – if it gets the green light.

And if you want to see what it would be like further down the line, Canadians are now able to get weed delivered to their door thanks to Uber Eats.

Toronto residents can now order weed through Uber Eats.
M4OS Photos/Alamy Stock Photo.

Yes, the company recently revealed that the drug will be available for delivery in the nation's capital of Toronto as of October 17 after it teamed up with cannabis website Leafly.

The service marks the first time in the world that weed delivery is available on a major third-party platform.

And not from some shady dealer, of course. It's fully legit.

Featured Image Credit: Zixia/Dirk v. Mallinckrodt/Alamy Stock Photo

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